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Fresh As A Daisy | Burn The Water

eating alfresco
more salad than bacon
in the sandwich shop
glamorous ladies
of wrestling pile up

Paul Conneally & Gavin Wade
from the ongoing series ‘Tantwenga’ – tanrenga poems written via Twitter

Photograph: ‘Fresh As A Daisy’ Birds Confectionery Loughborough July 2018 from the ongoing series of photographs and other images ‘Window Shopping’ by Paul Conneally.

Source: Fresh As A Daisy | Burn The Water

A Longhouse Birdhouse: NEW! LORINE NIEDECKER ~

A Longhouse Birdhouse: NEW! LORINE NIEDECKER ~.

Get out your reading skillet. I have the 1992 edition from Cid Corman, Bob Arnold is Cid Corman’s literary executor, and Lorine Niedecker, could cook and write. Gastronomically, literarily, and gleefully recommended. – Donna Fleischer