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Lost in Berlin, and in the Wordless Writing of Mirtha Dermisache | Literary Hub

Mirtha Dermisache, Sin título (Texto), no date, c. 1970s, ink on paper.

Source: Lost in Berlin, and in the Wordless Writing of Mirtha Dermisache | Literary Hub

‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

‘UNIFIED’ Paul Conneally & Camilla Beresford 2017 ‘The images detached from every aspect of life merge into a common stream in which the unity of that life can no longer be re…

Source: ‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

Yes, the spectacle looking back at us . . . to paraphrase Roland Barthes. And, the sweep of western art and philosophy inherent to my mind in the plaque of antlers, pedestaled busts, hung friezes recalling Josef Beuys and his shamanism, Duchamp’s Mutt as well as the continuous processes of consumption and elimination. So rich, in terms of depth, our human art-making, as here, and yet how empty oftimes our response(s) can be when relationship is missing between. – Donna Fleischer

The Lectern: “Empire of Signs” Roland Barthes

The Lectern: “Empire of Signs” Roland Barthes.

Lisa Robertson: Theory, A City | Lemon Hound

Lisa Robertson: Theory, A City | Lemon Hound.

Art, Theory, and Infancy – The Brooklyn Rail


Portrait of Joachim Pissarro. Pencil on paper by Phong Bui. 

Art, Theory, and Infancy – The Brooklyn Rail.

‎”Defending the senses, he never betrayed the mind.”  ~ Susan Sontag on Roland Barthes

Calendar doesn’t say Spring, but the cold rain in the rootstocks and legions of robins, know otherwise. Brought home Jane Reichhold’s “Basho The Complete Haiku” (Kodansha:Tokyo, 2008); and, French philosopher and semiologist, Roland Barthes’s “A Lover’s Discourse, Fragments” (Hill and Wang: NY, 1977, translated from the French by Richard Howard). To set off on a pilgrimage in the dark, cold rain is near to Barthes figuration: “To try to write love is to confront the muck of language: that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive and impoverished.” ~ Donna Fleischer