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Beauty, Lies & Sontag | 3 Quarks Daily

Susan Sontag

Source: Beauty, Lies & Sontag | 3 Quarks Daily

Bela Bela – What Keeps Mankind Alive | IDFA

Marjoleine Boonstra – 2001 – Under the toughest of living conditions, four poets have had to employ their imaginations in order to survive. All four were incarcerated for a long period of time by a dictatorial regime. At the age of eighteen, Nizametdin Achmetov went to jail a virgin, and twenty years later he emerged, still a virgin. The Cuban Maria Elena Cruz Varela was all by herself in a prison environment where anybody could betray her, while the Russian Irina Ratoesjinkaja found that her fellow prisoners could be indispensable allies. Marcea Dinescu gives his view of the disintegration of Communism in Romania. In these stories, shot against the background of mainly desolate landscapes, sensual perception plays an important role. They tell of the smells and sounds in the cells, and one of the poets recalls that, during the first days after her release, her eyes could not stand the vivid colours of freedom.

Source: Bela Bela – What Keeps Mankind Alive | IDFA

A Longhouse Birdhouse: LARRY EIGNER 

Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: LARRY EIGNER ~

Beauty by Ariana Reines – Poems | Academy of American Poets


            Je suis belle, ô mortels! comme un rêve de pierre

These poisoned sensations have to be
Accepted if they’re to be
Overcome. Looking
Up calories on my phone

Not that I’m counting
Don’t even like numbers
It’s something vestigial
It comes in bad minutes

To teach my body something’s in control
Something little & unholy, wrong idea
Of information, chiseling a transparent minute
Into myself with the afterimage of a form

If I did this kind of thing
On the bigger machine it’d be
Worse. Worse
Things than this are bombing

The world. A terrible
Fate is coming to power tomorrow. I’m reading
The early poems of Sherman Alexie. Desolation
Of secular life. I remember the luxury of speculating

All mystical traditions grew up
In the souls of a disciplined few
Turned in on themselves while under
Occupation by tyrants. That was then. This

Morning I could see one comfort: to become rock
Hard. Could imagine one comfort:
To have become rock. I had no
Imagination. I had his. I had theirs. “Formalism

& grammar are ways to be thin…” masochism
Merely thought of, the idea of a calorie
Most boring way to feel womanly doing itself to me
This morning I was panicking, burning, I was desperate

Scanning the body of my bedfellow
Its beautiful cheeks & chin
& long smooth abdomen
My silence growing fat like an old fruit

Still making me sick
It makes me sick I longed
For the wrong thing
I longed for death. I dreamed of stone

Source: Beauty by Ariana Reines – Poems | Academy of American Poets

First Known When Lost: Beauty

First Known When Lost

I never had noticed it until
‘Twas gone, — the narrow copse
Where now the woodman lops
The last of the willows with his bill.

It was not more than a hedge overgrown.
One meadow’s breadth away
I passed it day by day.
Now the soil is bare as a bone,

And black betwixt two meadows green,
Though fresh-cut faggot ends
Of hazel make some amends
With a gleam as if flowers they had been.

Strange it could have hidden so near!
And now I see as I look
That the small winding brook,
A tributary’s tributary, rises there.

Edward Thomas, in Edna Longley (editor), Edward Thomas: The Annotated Collected Poems (Bloodaxe Books 2008).

Source: First Known When Lost: Beauty

Art in a Time of Atrocity – The New York Times

The Wild, Remarkable Sex Scenes of Lidia Yuknavitch – The New Yorker


The Wild, Remarkable Sex Scenes of Lidia Yuknavitch – The New Yorker.

At the conclusion of this article is a remarkable three-minute video with the great writer, Joyce Carol Oates, who likens herself to “a transparent glass of water.”  – word pond

The Rumpus Interview With Lidia Yuknavitch – The

The Rumpus Interview With Lidia Yuknavitch – The

MISFIT DOC: The Mortality Asemics by Eileen R. Tabios – Queen Mob’s Tea House

MISFIT DOC: The Mortality Asemics – Queen Mob’s Tea House.

Mark Doty: ‘This book is not a leisurely meditation on mortality. This is my life for all to see’ | The Guardian

Mark Doty

‘There is joy and pleasure in the world if only you look’ Mark Doty. Photograph: Teri Pengilley for the Guardian

I love that tree’s seething insistence on its own twisted loveliness . . . .  – Mark Doty

Mark Doty: ‘This book is not a leisurely meditation on mortality. This is my life for all to see’ The Guardian