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Rain, in Connecticut

thanks to Marya

Blue Jay, a Pencil-Crayon Rendering by Pd Lietz ©

Pd Lietz ©  Blue Jay  pencil-crayon

Pd Lietz © Blue Jay pencil-crayon  2012


A pie tin of sparrows taking millet and yellow light in the late July afternoon. Muskrat taking its water young home across sharp rocks as if silken, plunging deeper, disappear. Everything germinated and growing, except a week ago, a blue jay, fallen back in his own arms, head turned to the right, eyes glinting from his soft pillow of death as if he’d been…well, loved. Belly and breast, mounds of song caved in now, pillaged flat against the faded blue shoulders. Feathered fishbones expose their stilled harp

the ruddy sun sets
a sparrow’s feather
left behind

Donna Fleischer
indra’s net, 2003