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Burning Down the House | by Alan Weisman | The New York Review of Books


©Richard Misrach/Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Richard Misrach: Untitled, 2007

Even McKibben struggles for an adequate vocabulary to describe the duplicity of oil companies: “There should be a word for when you commit treason against an entire planet.”

I’m not the only writer to wonder whether books are still an appropriate medium to convey the frightening speed of environmental upheaval. But the environment is infinitely intricate, and mere articles—much less daily newsfeeds or Twitter—can barely scratch the surface of environmental issues, let alone explore the extent of their consequences. Ecology, after all, is about how everything connects to everything else. Something so complex and crucial still requires books to attempt to explain it.

Source: Burning Down the House | by Alan Weisman | The New York Review of Books

Trust Your Own Heart, Write Your Own Story and Fight On – The New York Times

A Review of Irradiated Cities by Mariko Nagai – decomP magazinE

Human suffering is central here, but more unsettling is how inflicting such catastrophe can be rationalized, ignored, fictionalized, denied. Nuclear power is only one form of deadly power under examination in this book, which looks, too, at power and power imbalance on global and local levels, from the capitalist interests in locating a power plant in a certain, cash-thirsty town to the nationalist interests that see in irradiated rocks a potential leveling force. We are made to see “power” as something invisible, taken-for-granted and recklessly consumed, with even those citizens who organize for anti-nuclear protests doing so via text messages sent using electricity, dependent upon and addicted to a vast grid of infrastructure. – Spencer Dew

decomP, founded in 2004, is a monthly, online magazine that publishes prose, poetry, art, and book reviews.

Source: decomP magazinE

Donna Fleischer – Periodic Earth  ::  Book Review by Chris Mansel  |  The Daily Art Source


Source: Donna Fleischer – Periodic Earth

< Periodic Earth > may be purchased from the publisher, Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press, Pueblo, CO, Kyle Laws, editor at Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press

Poetry in Times of Crisis | Public Books

Source: Poetry in Times of Crisis | Public Books

Her Private Papers – M Train by Patti Smith | The New York Review of Books

obrien_1-102215_jpg_600x649_q85Patti Smith, New York City, early 1970s; photograph by Judy Linn

M Train by Patti Smith |NYRB

THE PRICE OF GREAT ART a review by ANNE HIGONNET on Sally Mann’s Memoir


Jessie at Five (1987). Photography by Sally Mann / Smithsonian Institute

The Price of Great Art