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Machiko Kyo (1924 – 2019) | 3 Quarks Daily

Source: Machiko Kyo (1924 – 2019) | 3 Quarks Daily

Greta LaFleur Examines Environmental Histories of Desire – Edge Effects

Baba, Walton Ford, painting

A new book by Greta LaFleur shows how desire was produced alongside taxonomies of plants and racial difference in early British colonial texts.

Source: Greta LaFleur Examines Environmental Histories of Desire – Edge Effects

What We Owe a Rabbit | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books

Walton Ford/Kasmin Gallery

Walton Ford: Loss of the Lisbon Rhinoceros, 2008. For more on Ford’s work, see Lucy Jakub’s ‘Walton Ford: Twenty-First-Century Naturalist’ on the NYR Daily (

Korsgaard sums up:

On a Kantian conception, what is special about human beings is not that we are the universe’s darlings, whose fate is absolutely more important than the fates of the other creatures who like us experience their own existence. It is exactly the opposite: What is special about us is the empathy that enables us to grasp that other creatures are important to themselves in just the way we are important to ourselves, and the reason that enables us to draw the conclusion that follows: that every animal must be regarded as an end in herself, whose fate matters, and matters absolutely, if anything matters at all.

Source: What We Owe a Rabbit | by Thomas Nagel | The New York Review of Books

A Love Note to the Quirky South


Roger Manley, “Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden, Summerville, Georgia” (1987–88) (© 2019 Roger Manley, photo courtesy Institute 193)

In this new, posthumously published book, he [Jonathan Williams] writes:

Walks to the Paradise Garden could have been called what Guy Mendes wanted for a title: Way Out People Way Out There. But, as a survivor from the Days of Highbrow Culture, I liked the deeper resonance of my choice. For one thing, many of the people in this book are directly involved with making paradise for themselves in the front yard, the back garden, the parlor, the sun porch, the basement. Making things for them has been a way to salvage a little dignity from often poor and difficult lives. Salvation can come, on one level, from being paid attention to and being recognized.

Decades in the making, the late poet Jonathan Williams’s photo-filled travelogue captures the creative spirit of a region.

Source: A Love Note to the Quirky South

Craig Unger: Donald Trump Is A Russian Asset In The White House | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC – YouTube

Carceral Capitalism: A Conversation with Jackie Wang – Los Angeles Review of Books


Source: Carceral Capitalism: A Conversation with Jackie Wang – Los Angeles Review of Books

Demonic Grounds — University of Minnesota Press

Explores how black women’s geographies are meaningful sites of political opposition

Source: Demonic Grounds — University of Minnesota Press

Epigraph to the introduction to Katherine McKitterick, Demonic Grounds


I don’t want no fucking country, here
or there and all the way back, I don’t like it, none of it,
easy as that.

— dionne brand

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