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The Bardo • Heart of a Dog • Laurie Anderson


‘When the dead person walks into the sun, he sees no shadow; when he looks into a mirror he sees no reflection; when he steps out of the stream he has no footprints. In this way he learns that he is dead …’

—  Bardo Teachings
from  DF readings over many years

for the beloved dog cat, Claude

Signed ‘Me. . . Jane’ Book by Patrick McDonnell (creator of MUTTS)


Me . . . Jane by Patrick McDonnell


December 2, 2007 Sunday Comic Strip Print – Framed, Unframed, Signed

Why Patti Smith Writes

Patti Smith (photo by Steven Sebring)

In her latest book, the iconic writer and musician examines belief, friendship, mentorship, and what drives her to make art.

Source: Why Patti Smith Writes

“What Happened” by Hillary Clinton and subtly savage takedown of Bernie Sanders – The Washington Post

Hillary Clinton with Sen. Bernie Sanders in North Carolina on Nov. 3. (Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

Source: Hillary Clinton’s subtly savage takedown of Bernie Sanders – The Washington Post

The Physics of Race, History, and Everyday Life

Samiya Bashir’s poems attempt to describe with scientific precision the position of the black body in American culture.

Source: The Physics of Race, History, and Everyday Life

 Nikki Wallschlaeger :: Unruly Poems that Illuminate White Supremacy in Everyday Life


Nikki Wallschlaeger, Crawlspace (Bloof Books, 2017) (all images courtesy Bloof Books)

Poet Nikki Wallschlaeger’s new book Crawlspace discovers the violence embedded in our most familiar structures: mortgages, meals, rooms, houses, family relationships, and language itself.

Source: Unruly Poems that Illuminate White Supremacy in Everyday Life

Have we been taught poetry all wrong? | PBS NewsHour

I Wake Up Before the Machine
By Matthew Zapruder

I wake up before the machine
made of all the choices
we are together not making
lights up this part of Oakland
it’s dark so I can imagine
another grid humming in the east
already people are deciding
I lie in the western
pre-decision darkness and almost
hear that silent voice
saying go down there
the coffee needs you
to place it in the device
its next form will help you remember
daylight is coming
but dreams do not go away
they just move off and change
your mind is a tree
on a little hill
surrounded by grasses
that look up and say
father wind
loves moving through you


Poet Matthew Zapruder say that we are too often asked to find the “hidden meanings” in poems, as if a poem is a riddle.

Source: Have we been taught poetry all wrong? | PBS NewsHour