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Rough Ideas: June 2016 Archives

Throwing Away the Alarm Clock

my father always said, “early to bed and
early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy
and wise.”
it was lights out at 8 p.m. in our house
and we were up at dawn to the smell of
coffee, frying bacon and scrambled
my father followed this general routine
for a lifetime and died young, broke,
and, I think, not too
taking note, I rejected his advice and it
became, for me, late to bed and late
to rise.
now, I’m not saying that I’ve conquered
the world but I’ve avoided
numberless early traffic jams, bypassed some
common pitfalls
and have met some strange, wonderful
one of who
myself-someone my father

– Charles Bukowski

Source: Rough Ideas: June 2016 Archives

Michelle Obama: ‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’ | TheHill

Michelle Obama says she “can’t make people not afraid of black people,” but can “pick away at the scabs of discrimination” through her life’s work.

Source: Michelle Obama: ‘I can’t make people not afraid of black people’ | TheHill

brass bell: a haiku journal: Brass Bell: Alan Summers

the longest night
of a longer day
our broken moons
a lost email
crosses over
cloud mountain
she screams her daughter’s name
into the month of march

kd lang “Hallelujah” CSHF 2006



Kintsugi means “to patch with gold”, a Japanese technique thought to have begun in the late 15th century, after a shogun sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl back to China to be fixed. It was returned held together with ugly metal staples, so Japanese craftsmen developed a way to repair the vessel by mending the cracks ornamentally.