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SIN BUG: AIDS, Poetry, and Queer Resilience in… | Poetry Foundation

for Penny Arcade

INTRODUCTORY NOTE Thirty thousand nurses and doctors just came out of retirement in the United States to help with the Coronavirus pandemic, which is extraordinary news! During the…

Source: SIN BUG: AIDS, Poetry, and Queer Resilience in… | Poetry Foundation

Anne Boyer — This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop

This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop.

Poet Selfies ‹ Literary Hub

Kevin Killian

At a crazy hotel in Providence and getting ready to receive a poet whom I planned to photograph nearly naked, I saw a mirror hung so low you couldn’t help but wonder, was this mirror placed so as to allow guests an intimate check of their genitalia? It flashed on me that using this mirror I might be able to photograph X with his face and his butt in the same frame—ever my goal. I stepped in and tried to see if it could be made to work, thus appearing in my own selfie as a stand-in for another; literally a body double. In that light I began to wonder if poetry could be made up of a series of John the Baptist-like pictures that somehow prefigure the “real thing,” an event in poetry which would render it pointless. Can the selfie stand apart from the well-rehearsed complaints people like Susan Sontag make about the photograph—that it can never be anything more than a representation of a reality dead at the moment of conception? Mightn’t it be a spell cast about the future? I think so; however, whether that’s a radical act or not IDK, wouldn’t bet my ass on it.

Poet Selfies ‹ Literary Hub.

The Book of Conrad | Delinquent Films


~ a documentary about the poet CAConrad

The Book of Conrad


caconrad-photo-by-tc-tolbert-2-1photo credit: TC Tolbert

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercise and Poem by CAConrad

Readings, and Fortune Telling by CA Conrad, Dorothea Lasky, and Ben Hersey to Help Flying Object, Hadley, MA Anniversary October 13 Celebration

October 13th is the 1st day of the 3rd year. | Flying Object.

CA Conrad: Poetic Revolution ~ An Interview / That Music Magazine

That Music Magazine | CA Conrad: Poetic Revolution.

“I didn’t want poetry in my life anymore; I just wanted it to BE my life and that’s where the (soma)tics come in,” says Conrad.

(Soma)tic exercises are the lifeblood of Conrad’s newest book, A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon (Wave Books). Conrad explains, “We’re living in a time where we need to realize that everybody is creative. I think everybody wants to be creative, but the world is so harsh. These structures are made to be efficient, to make things move, and with that comes brutality.”

CA Conrad is a moment in the making, each moment. Poetry lives.
~ Donna Fleischer

CAConrad Spearheading Philadelphia Poetry Hotel : : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

Poet CAConrad

CAConrad Spearheading Philadelphia Poetry Hotel / Poetry Foundation



JUPITER 88: #153: Jennifer Blowdryer

JUPITER 88: #153: Jennifer Blowdryer.