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MILL OF PARTICULARS: The bLog of Robert Kelly: HEART THREAD 123 & 124

HEART THREAD 123 & 124


Wanted to do this hard-edged island in the city

could be Manhattan could be Berthillon

makers of fine wax masks to mood your seeming

this little language lobster in your trap

broken cage left empty on the sands

void your prisms soon o white man

a voice comes through the stovepipe listen

charcoal hisses at you beneath the ribeye listen

the blackbird explains it in the hedge

your fingernail on the mirror watches

we need more footnotes and fewer wheels

broken plaster statue still Mother of God.


O light no different from the night before

as plain as the beginning of all things

simple as hydrogen a one-piece light

the longest day on the smallest island sounds like life

terror in every sense rises from identity

pulchritudo voluptas fortitude

and give all things to everyone you meet

discard your enemies like old clothes etc.

teach a morality machinery aspires

to be one with you without myself

there will always be oligarchs be one or leave it alone
there is a broken branch a bird can sing on still.

– Robert Kelly

MILL OF PARTICULARS: The bLog of Robert Kelly: HEART THREAD 123 & 124.

my beloved cherry tree, by Issa

my beloved cherry tree
cooked too . . .
making charcoal

Issa, 1826
David G. Lanoue, translation

chikazuki no sakura mo sumi ni yakare keri

Charcoal is being made in a kiln. In this case, the wood includes a beloved cherry tree. Issa refers to the tree as chikazuki: a word that denotes an intimate, friendly relationship; Kogo dai jiten (Shogakukan 1983) 1040. – David G. Lanoue