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Christa Wolf – Now writing is just working your way toward the… |Mythology of Blue

Now writing is just working your way toward the border that the innermost secret draws around itself, and to cross that line would mean self-destruction. But writing is also an attempt to respect the borderline only for the truly innermost secret, and bit by bit to free the taboos around that core, difficult to admit as they are, from their prison of unspeakability. Not self-destruction but self-redemption. Not being afraid of unavoidable suffering.

— Christa Wolf, City of Angels or Overcoat of Dr. Freud

Mythology of Blue : Now writing is just working your way toward the….

Anne Boyer — This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop

This Imaginary Half-Nothing: Time | Full Stop.

Christa Wolf, the noted German writer, has died / Die Tageszeitung &

Christa Wolf / philly,com

Christa Wolf died on Thursday, December 1, 2011. The many reactions from the German press, include: Die Tageszeitung marks the passing of the former East German author Christa Wolf by describing her as a “cultural monument”. Various voices recall the earnest humoir of her speech of 4 November 1989 on Alexanderplatz and describe her importance in the West during the 1980s: “Christa was cool. She was avant-garde, also in the West. The misused female body is the truly and singularly enthralling element of her work.” Die Welt remembers the highpoint of her fame in the 1980s and the bitter debate about the later disclosure of her essentially insignificant role as the informer “Margarete”. And Tagesspiegel states: “She was always only interested in understanding the mistake as a path. Skepticism was for her the best means of combating the self-assurance of all ideological thought, which is why she never gave up hope that a right life must be possible in the midst of a wrong one, because over the long term many rights must be able to correct widespread wrongs.” ~

Christa Wolf’s Biographer Jörg Magenau Reviews Her Autobiographical Novel “Stadt der Engel” / signandsight



Jörg Magenau: Blindly working through the past (12/07/2010) – signandsight.