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God in Her Infinite Wisdom Sends Crows by Christina Pacosz

God in Her Infinite Wisdom Sends Crows
by Christina Pacosz

For weeks now God has been trying
to send messages with what is available.
Leaves, a thousand eyelids opening,
the iridescent scrawl of slugs,
mundane waterfalls dripping off eaves,
the rare sunlight
and daily gift of mud.

And God has been especially
persistent about sending crows.
Suddenly black feathers
appear at my feet.
Cr aa a k  audible above the thunk of my axe,
the ringing phones at the office.
The visibility of crows

Sunday strutting on the fence,
their middle of the week, middle class
plump edge, dark before the salt
and foam of waves.
The self satisfaction of crows
in the wind and on mowed lawns.
God guarantees crow call on waking,

the only sure thing all day.
I see wings, dark, indecipherable
statements in a gray sky.
When I am certain no one is about
I strike up conversations,
and the crows, as God is my witness,

This poem appeared in Greatest Hits, 1975 – 2001, Pudding House. It was written when my back could still enjoy chopping wood. Donna Fleischer, this poem is for the Hartford Crows!  – Christina Pacosz, on April 4, 2013 (Crows’ Roost Hartford / Contemporary Haibun Online)

“God in Her Infinite Wisdom Sends Crows” appears in Fine China: Twenty Years of Earth’s Daughters at Amazon.

How to Measure the Darkness, by Christina Pacosz is a 2012 limited edition chapbook available directly from the publisher  Seven Kitchens Press: SEVEN KITCHENS: Christina Pacosz: HOW TO MEASURE THE DARKNESS.



Out of the Corner, by Christina Pacosz / Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell.

American Poet Christina Pacosz Reads at the Montserrat Poetry Festival 2011E2.wmv

The poetry of Christina Pacosz is fierce and tender, inseparable from the earth and the people whom she loves. She penetrates history with an eye as keen as the red-tail hawk. She is not afraid to find pain as she looks into the most difficult layers of being. Her poems bring us back some true joy, as well. Hers is one of the few voices writing today that I trust to guide me through the elements of a new frontier, of thought and feeling. ~ yours truly, df

Milltown Lament by Christina Pacosz / fiera Lingue

Milltown Lament

Too long

in that land

forced to love

such sorry dirt.

Sand and more sand

or clay.

Red, raw

like a wound.

She knew the bleached sky.

The wind and blighted pines

singing sun,

the dappled sun.

That old red god

and the moon

wearing her dark skirt of sky.

The solitary Canada goose

wintering at the lake

light careening off feathers.

Gobbling bread far from

goose down weather.

© Christina Pacosz
fiera Lingue

Bieganski the Blog: Christina Pacosz on the Missouri Leadbelt Riot of 1917


Bieganski the Blog: Christina Pacosz on the Missouri Leadbelt Riot of 1917.