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A Longhouse Birdhouse: A HISTORY OF CLOUDS ~

Atomic Weight 12. 011

All that is black or white or transparent,

hard or soft, sooty or gleaming, all that

we use to solder, shine, heat and write —

that all of it should be one and the same,

able to enter into 10 (to the power 6) different marriages,

form honeycombs, lattices, chains, rings, tangles,

cords and screws, and that what we breathe is

what we fly with is what we can suffocate on,

and that nothing alive lives without it —

no one except those who want to know all

would have hit upon it, and what we,

who now know it, should do with it —

we do not know.

translated by Esther Kinsky


A History of Clouds
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Seagull Books


Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: A HISTORY OF CLOUDS ~

Gigi Masin / To Rococo Rot – Die Dinge des Lebens / Clouds (1999)

aris fioretos : grey: not water but tears, not fire but vapor, not earth but grain, not air but clouds | flowerville

Menzel Church Wall

Adolph Menzel  Church Wall with Shadows of an Altar Decoration in the Church of St. Augustine in Würzburg


A Longhouse Birdhouse: WANG AN-SHIH ~

Wandering Out With A Full Moon To
Eightfold-Integrity River

Thoughts turned far away from you,
confusion rife, I can’t sleep. Finally

I rise, gaze up into bright stars, then
saddle a horse and wander the road

east, thinking rivers and mountains
might ease my worries. I know you

are no dinner. Come: we’ll ladle out

clouds together here at their source.

A Longhouse Birdhouse: WANG AN-SHIH ~.

oh my love – john lennon

Vermont (a story) by Katie Yates | Cowbird


clouds, in gathering, sun arises instantly, orange satin, white silk, a throne covering the mountains, a mist, frog-song in the evening, birds amongst flags, the archery range, the ladies-in-waiting, so pretty and the sacred texts & songs, the journey across mountain ranges from select to anonymous, heart-sung, immediate, what we know instantly, and instantly again.  — Katie Yates

Vermont (a story) by Katie Yates | Cowbird

Matsuo Basho, “Clouds –” / Couleurs

Clouds –
a chance to dodge

Matsuo Basho

Matsuo Basho, Clouds – / Couleurs


525Kitchen Cat

May 6, 2011 by Suzan Scott

"May 6, 2011" Oil Pastel & Graphite on Paper 10x10 inches 2011 Suzan Scott

Suzan Scott Artist, Observer

~ the wind made visible and bluesy, yours truly, df

Hugh MacDiarmid / The Watergaw

The Watergaw*


One wet, early evening in the sheep-shearing season
I saw that occasional, rare thing —
broken shaft of a rainbow with its trembling light
Beyond the downpour of the rain
And I thought of the last, wild look you gave
Before you died.


The skylark’s nest was dark and desolate,
My heart was too
But I have thought of that foolish light
Ever since then
And I think that perhaps at last I know
What your look meant then.



Ae weet forenicht i the yow-trummle
I saw yon antrin thing.
A watergaw wi its chitterin licht
Ayont the on-ding;
An I thocht o the last wild look ye gied
Afore ye deed!


There was nae reek i the laverock’s hoose
That nicht-an nane i mine;
But I hae thocht o that foolish licht
Ever sin syne;
An I think that mebbe at last I ken
What your look meant then.


*In MacDiarmid’s words: “A watergaw is a broken rainbow, a broken shaft of a rainbow that you can see sometimes between clouds — not a complete arc, the broken shaft of the rainbow.”

Scottish Poets Hugh MacDiarmid and Sorley MacLean in Correspondence