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cold sun by Donna Fleischer receives Nagoya City [Japan] Board of Education Award for Best Haiku from Kō vol 28 no 4

cold sun

the crow calls to

its shadow

– Donna Fleischer
vol 28 no 4

A sense of winter coldness and the state of the crow’s life are effectively expressed. Lonely voices of the crow seem to be the voice of the author. It sounds not bitter, but encouraging.  – Dr. Kōko Katō, Nagoya Japan

Dr. Kōko Katō, editor and publisher of Kō*, selected this haiku for the 2014 Nagoya City Board of Education Award for Best Haiku appearing in  vol 28 no 4. She made the announcement in the new issue of Kō vol 29 n0 4, autumn-winter 2014.

*  Kō means ploughing and cultivation.