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Imagination is such an ancient ability it might precede language | Aeon Essays

Archer, Republic of South Africa, Korf Hoeks Farm, 8,000-2,000 BCE. Watercolour by Maria Weyersberg,Courtesy Frobenius-Institut Frankfurt am Main

Our imaginative life today has access to the pre-linguistic, ancestral mind: rich in imagery, emotions and associations

Source: Imagination is such an ancient ability it might precede language | Aeon Essays


Glimpse of the Garden – Marie Menken e .. – vengodalmare

Il cielo è, sopra il tetto, Così azzurro, così calmo! Un albero, oltre il tetto, Culla i suoi rami. Paul Verlaine Oh! Che Indovinando l’istante più solo della natura, La mia melodia, tutta e unica,…

Source: Glimpse of the Garden – Marie Menken e .. – vengodalmare

Color Is Meaning – The Easel | Art journalism



Image: Eggleston Artist Trust

Yellow, red, blue, green; the experiencing of color was not, for Marc, a byproduct of our interactions with our immediate environment. Our experience of color, instead, is what makes the world ‘our own’. It’s what gives a particular place at a particular time it’s special flavor, mood, inflection. Color, in short, is meaning.

Source: The Easel | Art journalism

Della Robbia’s Gloriously Colorful Renaissance Sculptures



Luca della Robbia, “Virgin and Child in a niche” (1460), glazed terracotta with gilt and painted details, overall: 18 5/8 x 15 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches (courtesy Metropolitan Museum of Art, Bequest of Susan Dwight Bliss)



Luca della Robbia, “Virgin and Child with Lilies” (1400-82), glazed terracotta, overall: 18 7/8 x 14 9/16 inches (courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Gift of Quincy Adams Shaw through Qunicy Adams Shaw, Jr., and Mrs. Marian Shaw Haughton)

The National Gallery of Art explores the radical inventiveness of the della Robbia family, the clay and color masters of the Italian Renaissance.

Source: Della Robbia’s Gloriously Colorful Renaissance Sculptures

Nan Goldin – The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – MOCA U – MOCAtv

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Waka by Ono-no-komachi | Conversations with the Light

Japanese poem Waka by Ono-no-komachi (calligraphy by Mteisi) :

How invisibly 
it changes color in this world

the flower of the human heart.

Conversations with the Light.

VIVRE ! | [French textiles] via

[French textiles]

VIVRE ! | [French textiles] via.