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Piero Manzoni and the Reinvention of Art

“Piero Manzoni. Materials of his Time” at Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street (2019), installation view, photo: Thomas Barratt, © Fondazione Piero Manzoni, Milan, (courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth)

Manzoni’s work can be viewed as slight and Herculean, tragic and buoyant, mystical and materialist, minimal and baroque.

Source: Piero Manzoni and the Reinvention of Art

Word Pond Appropriation Announcement a la THEORY by Kenneth Goldsmith – Jean Boîte Édition


American poet, writer, and word processor Kenneth Goldsmith, on April 29, 2015, posted the above page from his new book, Theory (Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, 2015) at his Facebook wall, to which I replied, “Been writing my browsoir for five years and still going.” Word pond is (also) this.  

~ Donna Fleischer @ word pond

On Kawara: Can conceptual art be emotional? | BBC – Culture

(David Zwirner, New York/London)

BBC – Culture – On Kawara: Can conceptual art be emotional?.

How to Continue 9 / Isola di Rifiuti



Isola di Rifiuti: How to Continue 9.