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‘The Daughters’ Reveals The Lesbians Who Changed History

Jessica Palopoli

“I hadn’t seen a play or history of my people,” says Patricia Cotter — so she wrote ‘The Daughters’ which evokes a grand sweep of lesbian history, including the Daughters of Bilitis [DOB].

The [DOB] organization was unique in its dual focus on women’s rights and lesbian rights, Gallo said, when there was lots of sexism in the gay rights movement and homophobia in the feminist movement. 

“I’ve also seen a ton of theater where we hear about the gay male perspective, and I’m a huge fan of it, but I would like to be included, and not just one character with one point of view, but a broader narrative and just kind of show there’s a million different ways to be a queer woman.”  – Patricia Cotter

Source: ‘The Daughters’ Reveals The Lesbians Who Changed History