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And I Love Him – YouTube

My Guy – YouTube

Mad About the Girl – YouTube

I Need a Woman to Love – YouTube

Lissie – Go Your Own Way (Live) – YouTube

The Byrds ”Lay Down Your Weary Tune” – YouTube

// The ocean wild like an organ played / The seaweeds’ woven strands //


Bob Dylan made this song on October 24, 1963, but as he would do with some of his songs, did not release it  at the time, until Biograph in 1985. Many a cover would follow; I like this one best. Dylan’s own take seems no longer available on YouTube. – DF

Johnny Mathis – Crazy (Oprah2010 11 22) – YouTube

Boy George_ my sweet lord

Susana Baca – Anchor Song (cover Björk)

Hil St Soul: Until You Come Back to Me 1 & 2 (acoustic version)