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Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Official Audio) – YouTube

from “The Homosexual in Society” by poet Robert Duncan

. . . in the face of the “crime” of my own feelings, in the past I publicized those feelings as private and made no stand for their recognition but tried to sell them as disguised, for instance, as conflicts arising from mystical sources…. Faced by the inhumanities of society I did not seek a solution in humanity but turned to a second outcast society as inhumane as the first. . . .

What I think can be asserted as a starting point is that only one devotion can be held by a human being seeking a creative life and expression, and this is a devotion to human freedom, toward the liberation of human love, human conflicts, human aspirations. To do this one must disown all the special groups (nations, churches, sexes, races) that would claim allegiance. . . . It must be always recognized that those who have surrendered their humanity, are not less than oneself. . . . The forces of inhumanity are overwhelming, but only one’s continued opposition can make any other order possible, will give an added strength for all those who desire freedom and equality to break at last from those fetters that seem now so unbreakable.

— Robert Duncan, “The Homosexual in Society” (1944)

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Ecocide is the missing fifth Crime Against Peace : TED Talk / Eradicating Ecocide

Polly Higgins

Ecocide the fifth Crime Against Peace / Polly Higgins / TED Talk