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Autumn Moon Haiku Journal, volume 1:2; Spring/Summer 2018 – 6/10/2018

we wait,
the daimon seed and i,
for planting

Donna Fleischer, USA


breeze on young leaves . . .
a stray dog pawed the future
and left

Kyle Sullivan, Taiwan


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The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation


As I was interviewing the classicist, poet, and author Anne Carson in June, 2017 via e-mail about her new translation of The Bakkhai, the question-and-answer process felt like a consultation with the ancient Pythia. Much like an ancient Greek attempting to get an answer from the priestess of Apollo, I had to go through a few layers — book publicist and agent—and the answers I received back can best be described as intriguing and esoteric; they varied in length from a few words to a paragraph to no response at all. Every reply was also written in all lower case, including the first-person singular “i,” an idiosyncrasy that seemed almost playful, and is something I usually see in the prose or text messages of a student or a younger person. Like a Greek hearing those ambiguous missives given by the Pythia, I was repeatedly surprised by the puzzling, thought-provoking answers I received.

Source: The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation