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the master being dead, a haiku by Issa

the master being dead
just ordinary . . .
cherry blossoms

David G. Lanoue, trans

blossom shade, a haiku by Issa

“Well then, we’ll teach you

how to die . . .”

blossom shade

Issa, 1808
David G. Lanoue, trans.

there’s human goblins, a haiku by Issa, translated by David Lanoue

there’s human goblins

in the fields and mountains!

bird leaving the nest

 Issa, 1805
David G. Lanoue, translation

become . . . haiku by Issa / translation by David G. Lanoue

become the nightingale’s
sleeping place . . .
my grafted branch

Issa, 1808

Issa / lone, wild goose

lone wild goose –
fly night after night
on your way

Issa, 1819
David G. Lanoue , trans.

Issa / the newly arrived goose

the newly arrived goose
lifts one leg . . .
deep meditation

Issa, 1817
David G. Lanoue, trans.

Issa / Kasuga Field’s deer

Kasuga Field’s deer
also attend . . .
Buddha amid birthday flowers

Issa, 1810
David G. Lanoue, trans.

autumn wind –
red flowers she wanted
to pick

Issa, 1819
David G. Lanoue (trans.)