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Mythology of Blue : The Lord gives everything and charges by taking it…

Oluwatoyin Salau found dead in Tallahassee, Florida, after sharing story of sexual assault on Twitter – Vox

Activist Oluwatoyin Salau, center, was found dead in Tallahessee on June 13.Hali Tauxe/Tallahassee Democrat via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The 19-year-old’s death underscores why gender violence needs to be part of the Black Lives Matter narrative.

Many activists have noted that the Black Lives Matter protests and calls for justice have centered on cisgender heterosexual black men, ignoring the oppression of black women and LGBTQ people within the black community. For example, Breonna Taylor’s death has not received as much attention as George Floyd’s; three months later, officers still haven’t been charged in her death. The names of other black women killed by police, like Priscilla Slaterand Pamela Turner, are largely unfamiliar to the greater public. Meanwhile, the #SayHerName campaign has morphed into #SayHisName online and at protests.

Source: Oluwatoyin Salau found dead in Tallahassee, Florida, after sharing story of sexual assault on Twitter – Vox

Monday Photos | 3 Quarks Daily

Alpine meadow in Franzensfeste, South Tyrol, in May of 2020.

Three weeks before the photo[…] above [was] taken, the meadow was filled with dandelions and was a completely different color. The transformation was sudden and quite stunning. –

Mountain meadows and all other ecological communities are interdependently alive and change and exchange dynamically with one another and with the weathers. These are not dead and static like manmade “lawns” that require manmade chemicals and vast amounts of water to appear alive, as a performance piece performing life without living it.  – word pond


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We Cannot Be Created for This Sort of Suffering… | Poetry Foundation

Art by Jim Salvati.

Joyelle McSweeney’s double volume is a prophetic testament of grief.

Source: We Cannot Be Created for This Sort of Suffering… | Poetry Foundation

Poet Eavan Boland dies aged 75, 1944-2020

Eavan Boland was given the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Irish Book Awards in 2017

Irish poet Eavan Boland has died at the age of 75.

Source: Poet Eavan Boland dies aged 75

Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Official Audio) – YouTube

Poetry as a Blowtorch of Protest


Sean Bonney, Our Death (image courtesy Commune Editions)

While despondency and madness appear aplenty in Sean Bonney’s writing, its keynote is pure, hard rage.

Source: Poetry as a Blowtorch of Protest

Remembering Jim Lehrer | PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour co-founder Jim Lehrer, a giant in journalism known for his tenacity and dedication to simply delivering the news, died Thursday at the age of 85.

Source: Remembering Jim Lehrer | PBS NewsHour

Rough Ideas: June 2016 Archives

Throwing Away the Alarm Clock

my father always said, “early to bed and
early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy
and wise.”
it was lights out at 8 p.m. in our house
and we were up at dawn to the smell of
coffee, frying bacon and scrambled
my father followed this general routine
for a lifetime and died young, broke,
and, I think, not too
taking note, I rejected his advice and it
became, for me, late to bed and late
to rise.
now, I’m not saying that I’ve conquered
the world but I’ve avoided
numberless early traffic jams, bypassed some
common pitfalls
and have met some strange, wonderful
one of who
myself-someone my father

– Charles Bukowski

Source: Rough Ideas: June 2016 Archives

Nelba Márquez-Greene 7th Anniversary Sandy Hook |

Nelba Márquez-Greene, photographed at her church in Danbury, Conn.

Nelba Márquez-Greene remembers her daughter Ana, who was killed by gun violence at Sandy Hook Elementary

Source: Nelba Márquez-Greene 7th Anniversary Sandy Hook |