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Pastel Blue: A Promising Inaccuracy – Los Angeles Review of Books

Source: Pastel Blue: A Promising Inaccuracy – Los Angeles Review of Books

“These Tyrannical Times: Poetry as Liberatory, Poetry as Undoing” Dionne Brand and Harryette Mullen – YouTube

Dionne Brand begins to read at approximately 9′ 20″

Q&A: Canisia Lubrin speaks to Dionne Brand about her two new books, The Blue Clerk and Theory | Quill and Quire

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Dionne Brand, winner of the Griffin Poetry Prize, the Governor General’s Literary Award, the Trillium Book Award, member of the Order of Canada, and one of the country’s most respected and b

Source: Q&A: Canisia Lubrin speaks to Dionne Brand about her two new books, The Blue Clerk and Theory | Quill and Quire

Demonic Grounds — University of Minnesota Press

Explores how black women’s geographies are meaningful sites of political opposition

Source: Demonic Grounds — University of Minnesota Press

Epigraph to the introduction to Katherine McKitterick, Demonic Grounds


I don’t want no fucking country, here
or there and all the way back, I don’t like it, none of it,
easy as that.

— dionne brand

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Dionne Brand: Writing Against Tyranny and Toward Liberation – YouTube

Poet Dionne Brand reads from Ossuaries – YouTube


The poem “ossuary viii”  may be read here in its entirety ~
Dionne Brand reads ossuary VIII

Lisa Robertson on Dionne Brand :: Lemon Hound

Dionne Brand

In another place, not here, a woman might touch
something between beauty and nowhere, back there
and here, might pass hand over hand her own
trembling life, but I have tried to imagine a sea not
bleeding, a girl’s glance full as a verse, a woman
growing old and never crying to a radio hissing of a
black boy’s murder. I have tried to keep my throat
gurgling like a bird’s. I have listened to the hard
gossip of race that inhabits this road. Even in this I
have tried to hum mud and feathers and sit peacefully
in this foliage of bones and rain. I have chewed a few
votive leaves here, their taste already disenchanting
my mothers. I have tried to write this thing calmly
even as its lines burn to a close. I have come to know
something simple. Each sentence realised or
dreamed jumps like a pulse with history and takes a
side. What I say in any language is told in faultless
knowledge of skin, in drunkenness and weeping,
told as a woman without matches and tinder, not in
words and in words and in words learned by heart,
told in secret and not in secret, and listen, does not
burn out or waste and is plenty and pitiless and loves.

– from No Language is Neutral (McClelland & Stewart)

Lisa Robertson on Dionne Brand | Lemon Hound.

Dionne Brand Makes Canadian Shortlist for the 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize



Griffin Poetry Prize | Awards and Poets | Shortlists | 2011 Shortlist | Dionne Brand.

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