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Civil Rights Law Protects L.G.B.T. Workers, Supreme Court Rules – The New York Times

LGBTQ Groups File Suit Against HHS

Source: LGBTQ Groups File Suit Against HHS

Samuel R Delany – Radicalism Begins in the Body | Boston Review

“I don’t know if you saw a credo of mine I restated recently on Facebook; I throw it in here: The violation of reproductive rights is not the only problem women have. First, not all women reproduce. Second, not all women reproduce their entire lives long. Third, the discrimination that women face starts when they are born and continues through till they are dead—and, in terms of historical presentation of their achievements and struggles or just their ordinary lives, often beyond. Fourth, the patterns of prejudice and discrimination against women are the model, adjusted, for all other forms: racial, religious, and all the others. The infantilizing, the devaluation of experience, the stigmatizing, the economic punishment is all learned with women and applied to the others. Although the group I tend to concentrate on and have for the last thirty-five-odd years is gay men, because it is the one I belong to, I have been aware since my teens that prejudice against women is the main source of our political dilemma. Fix that, in terms of transgender women, gay women, black women, Asian women, poor women, and cisgender white women, and you go a long way toward fixing the whole machine. And fixing any male group’s problem (or individual’s) has to be done with an awareness of the whole.” – Samuel R. Delany

Source: Radicalism Begins in the Body | Boston Review

Connecticut ! Legislative Action Center | Best Friends Animal Society

Legislative Action Center | Best Friends Animal Society.

Obama Urges Congress to Ban Job Bias Against Gays –


Obama Urges Congress to Ban Job Bias Against Gays –