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Verse Osmosis – Poems and Translations by The Boiler House Poets



poets + Tupelo Press Residency + Mass MoCA Boiler House = Verse Osmosis

During a workshop guided by Jeffrey Levine, poet and Tupelo Press publisher, poets paired off to translate overnight their partner’s poem. Those original poems and translations comprise Verse Osmosis, edited by Ann Dernier with a foreword by Donna Fleischer. The Boiler House Poets are: Marilyn McCabe, Ann Dernier (Kore Press), Kyle Laws (Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press), Gail DiMaggio, Kay Morgan, Joanne Corey, Victoria G. Smith, james albert, and Donna Fleischer. 

Verse Osmosis at Blurb Publications


Periodic Earth by Donna Fleischer | Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press


“< Periodic Earth >” by Donna Fleischer, has just been published by Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press, Pueblo, CO, 2016, Kyle Laws, editor. The 28pp, saddle-stitched, soft cover chapbook of free verse poems may be purchased at Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press.

Donna Fleischer – A Short Poem | moongarlic issue 5, November 2015

the wind whistles

and i go

with the leaves

– Donna Fleischer
moongarlic #5, page 5

Ofili’s Madonna Sets Record at Christie’s $150.3 Million Sale – Bloomberg Business

“The Holy Virgin Mary” by Chris Ofili. Source: Christie’s via Bloomberg

pure love
Ofili’s elephant dung
with Madonna


© Donna Fleischer

from rhythm | Fiere Lingue


*artist Chris Ofili, lived and worked with elephants in Thailand where he grew to know and love them. 

i feel that he integrated their dung into his paintings in much the same way iconographers embellished objects of devotion with gold leaf.

Ofili’s Madonna Sets Record at Christie’s $150.3 Million Sale – Bloomberg Business.

Spring cactus, a haiku duo by Donna Fleischer

Spring cactus
my finger near a pink blossom
morning lightens

Spring cactus
eyes blossom toward
the south, that mountain

– Donna Fleischer
April 28, 2015

earth day (haiku by Donna Fleischer) | Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

earth day (haiku by Donna Fleischer) | Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival.

In Honor of International Haiku Day — EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015

EarthRise Rolling Haiku Collaboration 2015.

will anyone
not be taking up his pen?
tonight’s moon
— Onitsura (1660 – 1738)

responses ~

springlight –

a quince in a wink

on the tree

– Donna Fleischer


without alarm,
Spring light

– Donna Fleischer