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hummingbird stops, by Donna Fleischer : : bones – a journal for new haiku, issue 4 June 15, 2014



hummingbird stops

at me in a pink tee seeing

how Bosch saw

bones – a journal for new haiku.

A Shisan | A Hundred Gourds Journal

A Cat’s Footprints

spring mud—
a cat’s footprints
on the hood
shadow of a crocus
on the doorstep
butter melts
in the cast iron pan,
hotcakes sizzle
she also brings coffee
with cream and sugar
with a whisper
tan lines disappear
in the grass
a contrail fades to blue
over a nameless ocean
the full moon
in the sake overflow
on the table
coyote cries echo
from Metacomet’s mountain
children giggle
through the ghost story’s
twists and turns
counting the winnings
forgetting his age
the Jizo’s smiles
seem to grow under
their snowy straw hats
a salt sea breeze
at the kitchen window

A Shisan renku composed on Skype, March 19, 2014

Donna Fleischer, USA
Dennis Chibi Holmes, USA
Taro Kunugi, Japan
Kris Moon, sabaki, Japan
William Sorlien, USA


Earlier this year Taro Kunugi, the leader of the Renku Cafe “Under the Cherry Blossoms” group on Facebook, asked me to lead a shisan with William, Chibi and Donna.

Since I prefer to do renku in person, in real time, we asked Chibi to help us with a Skype session. We all submitted a hokku, but, as sabaki, I wanted to honor Taro, so offered a haiku he had written recently. We all agreed that it would be fun to follow. Our energy was high as everyone was trying to submit a verse for each line. We were in sync as a group and it was delightful to write together. We hope to be creating renku together often.

Metacomet: (ca. 1639 – August 12, 1676), also known as King Philip or Metacom, or occasionally Pometacom, was a war chief or sachem of the Wampanoag Indians in the New England region of the USA.

A Hundred Gourds Journal: haiku, tanka, haibun, haiga, renku.

two haiku by Donna Fleischer | CT Environmental Headlines

a cup of tea
grows cold on the front walk –
spring morning

robin –
i didn’t recognize you
in the woods


Donna Fleischer

Donna Fleischer, two poems | moongarlic 2, May 2014

dried up
earthworm ouro-
boros condom


a bullet

Donna Fleischer
moongarlic 2

moongarlic 2, May 2014

Lori Anderson Moseman and Donna Fleischer to read in New Haven, CT at The Infinite Well, on April 26, 2014


The Woolf Sisters playing cricket

Lori Anderson Moseman is the author of All Steel (Flim Forum Press), Temporary Bunk (Swank Books), Persona (Swank Books), and Cultivating Excess (The Eighth Mountain Press). Double | Vigil, her collaboration with Belle Gironda about the early days of the Egyptian revolution, is excerpted in the current issue of Barzakh ( Anderson Moseman founded the press, Stockport Flats, in the wake of Federal Disaster #1649, a flood along the Upper Delaware River ( Recently, her poetry has appeared in: 100WordStory, dislocate, divide, Epoch, PEEP/SHOW: A Taxonomic Exercise in Textual and Visual Seriality, Portland Review, Stolen Island, A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, Trickhouse. org, Tonopah Review, The, and Water~Stone.


Donna Fleischer writes poetry in open field and Japanese-derived forms of haiku and haibun. Her poems appear or are forthcoming in EOAGH, Esque (Amy King, Ana Božičević, editors), Jupiter 88, Kō, Otoliths, Peace is a Haiku Song (Sonia Sanchez, Yolanda Wisher, editors), Poets for Living Waters (Blazevox), South by Southeast, and Spiral OrbIndra’s net, (bottle rockets press 2003), an out of print haibun collection, is available free to read at Scribd. Her essay, “The Black Swans of Ellen Carey: Of Necessary Poetic Realities” is the catalogue essay to the ground-breaking, lens-based artist’s 2014 Eastern Connecticut State University exhibition Let There Be Light: The Black Swans of Ellen CareyTwinkle, Twinkle (Longhouse Publishers, 2010) is her third chapbook. She curates contemporary poetry, photography, philosophy, and permaculture content at her blog word pond.


Saturday, April 26, 2014, 7:30 p.m. at

The Infinite Well, 123 Court Street, New Haven, CT   203.537.0699

free parking

Under the Basho 2014 Haiku Contest Results



late winter –

the dragonfly world

of a snowflake



1st Place: $500

Contestant #307 – Donna Fleischer

Entry 307.1

CT Environmental Headlines Haiku from Donna Fleischer

getting the oil changed
Spring air
in the bay

Donna Fleischer
CT Environmental Headlines


ice cold moon, a haiku by Donna Fleischer | CT Environmental Headlines

ice cold moon
frog shadow

– Donna Fleischer
CT Environmental Headlines 


26234_367320219802_4529345_nDonna Fleischer, at a café in northern Germany

When asked about Taoism, Watts said:”The Tao. It’s simply inconceivable.”

Poetry and Money (#7): Donna Fleischer | Eileen Verbs Books

As the days lengthen by Donna Fleischer / Lilliput Review #190

As the days lengthen
I trim all nails
and winter hair.
When winds part the grasses
All proof of being here, is gone.

Donna Fleischer 
Lilliput Review, #190