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Tommy on CBS: Edie Falco will always tell you exactly what she thinks – Vox



Edie Falco appears at the 2020 Television Critics Association winter press tour to discuss Tommy.Francis Specker/CBS via Getty Images

Edie Falco’s surprisingly ambitious new CBS show got her thinking about cops, queer identities, and LA.

Source: Tommy on CBS: Edie Falco will always tell you exactly what she thinks – Vox

‘The Daughters’ Reveals The Lesbians Who Changed History

Jessica Palopoli

“I hadn’t seen a play or history of my people,” says Patricia Cotter — so she wrote ‘The Daughters’ which evokes a grand sweep of lesbian history, including the Daughters of Bilitis [DOB].

The [DOB] organization was unique in its dual focus on women’s rights and lesbian rights, Gallo said, when there was lots of sexism in the gay rights movement and homophobia in the feminist movement. 

“I’ve also seen a ton of theater where we hear about the gay male perspective, and I’m a huge fan of it, but I would like to be included, and not just one character with one point of view, but a broader narrative and just kind of show there’s a million different ways to be a queer woman.”  – Patricia Cotter

Source: ‘The Daughters’ Reveals The Lesbians Who Changed History

Susan Bogle Finnegan, paintings – In the Thicket – Gallery on the Green


Susan Bogle Finnegan  Memory-Late Night, 2018  Oil on canvas, 24″ x 22″

In the Thicket features paintings and works on paper by artist Susan Bogle Finnegan, who is drawn to the complexities and drama of the natural world.

Curated by Ann Finholt and A. Walter Kendra

April 20 to May 20, 2018

Opening Reception April 21 from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.,
preceded by a gallery talk by the artist at 5:00 p.m.

Gallery on the Green
Corner of Down Avenue + Route 44
Canton, Connecticut

Gallery Hours: Friday – Sunday, 1:00 – 5 p.m.

The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation


As I was interviewing the classicist, poet, and author Anne Carson in June, 2017 via e-mail about her new translation of The Bakkhai, the question-and-answer process felt like a consultation with the ancient Pythia. Much like an ancient Greek attempting to get an answer from the priestess of Apollo, I had to go through a few layers — book publicist and agent—and the answers I received back can best be described as intriguing and esoteric; they varied in length from a few words to a paragraph to no response at all. Every reply was also written in all lower case, including the first-person singular “i,” an idiosyncrasy that seemed almost playful, and is something I usually see in the prose or text messages of a student or a younger person. Like a Greek hearing those ambiguous missives given by the Pythia, I was repeatedly surprised by the puzzling, thought-provoking answers I received.

Source: The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation

Nina Hoss – BOMB Magazine

Bush Moukarzel and Nina Hoss in Returning to Reims, 2018, directed by Thomas Ostermeier.

” . . . Eribon uses the example of his own family to try to understand why the traditionally leftwing French working class has turned to the extreme right.”

Source: Nina Hoss – BOMB Magazine

Black Artists’ Group Trailer on Vimeo

Interfacing the Anthropocene Part I | FOP

from the Rubin Museum  (otafuku “beauty and good fortune,” horned mask for village ceremonies, ko-omote (young woman) Usofuki, “whistler” from Kyogen, and the “trickster” fox/kitsune).

Donald Keene has written that looking at Nō masks is like “seeing a voice.”

Interfacing the Anthropocene Part I | FOP.

Robert Kelly, Playwright | Nomadics


Robert Kelly, Playwright.

Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” with Helen Mirren, David Straithorn, Chris Cooper, Ben Whishaw / Official Trailer Exclusive