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Cy Twombly’s Extravagant Synesthesia


Cy Twombly, “Untitled (Gaeta)” (1989), acrylic and tempera on paper mounted on wooden panel, 80 × 58 5/8 inches, Private Collection, © Cy Twombly Foundation. Courtesy Gagosian

Source: Cy Twombly’s Extravagant Synesthesia








“Jorge Costa’s intricate, miniature cultural icons executed with the draftsman-like quality of a Dürer, stud and embed  the overall painting with their graphite presence, conjuring alarm, delight, surprise, and shock, individually, and as composites within the larger pictures, living in the western world. A depiction of the Lincoln Memorial sports a satellite dish and Mickey Mouse ears; a gas mask or the Pope, might save us from oil fumes, chemical spillages and pollution, but from ourselves? What could enliven us to what western culture’s swill of vacant images, consumerism, and earth’s degradation did and does to each of us, to this artist,  in our daily lives? Costa’s work enlivens. It helps us look at the road ahead, the one we’re on, get back on the tightrope and inch ourselves eventually upright until we can see the bigger picture, the wreckage we cause. Oil is a major player in some of these pieces, that’s clear. But Costa paints and draws fragility into these slow motion spoofs of a world in collapse.”

Donna Fleischer

3quarksdaily: Embracing Dürer


Source: 3quarksdaily: Embracing Dürer

Art Movements


One of 25 landscape drawings recently reattributed to Thomas Gainsborough (courtesy Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2017)

Source: Art Movements

The Millions : Revisiting the Wild Mind of Kenneth Patchen – The Millions

It’s Patchen’s ambition to make us all look like animals, and disarming the semblance of any known structure of narrative is a part of this dizzying quest.

Source: The Millions : Revisiting the Wild Mind of Kenneth Patchen – The Millions

Drawing Day 2017 | Art Matters


Vija Celmins, Big Sea II, 1969

Source: Drawing Day 2017 | Art Matters

“Morning Studio” by Nicole Eisenman

I ran across this painting by Nicole Eisenman this morning on Facebook and it really grabbed my attention. There’s something about the cozy sweatpants vibe of the person with the default Emoji Yellow™ skin in

Source: “Morning Studio” by Nicole Eisenman