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Zeitgeist Spam: Election Day 2020, early in the a.m.


Source: Zeitgeist Spam: Election Day 2020, early in the a.m.

summer solstice #2 – Rough Ideas

you can draw whatever you want. you can draw however you want. it doesn’t have to make sense. it doesn’t even have to be good. it just has to be you.  – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Source: summer solstice #2 – Rough Ideas

Painting — JORGE COSTA

Hypha – Spitzenkörper – 2017 – 2018

This work investigates a variety of experimental processes, visual forms, and critical ideas that examine the development of  the Anthropocene, Biomimetics, and the role of community in catalyzing innovative social and political change.

My drawing process explores several organizations of microbiotas, mycelium (Hypha – Spitzenkörper), and concepts such as the Wood Wide Web. The complexity and inter-connectivity of microfungal forms extending their threads to all life through a dense web of symbiotic relationships. In forests, its synergetic mycorrhiza transfers nutrients from plant to plant and creates a network of informational chemistry beneficial to the whole ecosystem. The potential of these natural forms is apparent in their horizontal design of co-operation and collective functionality; an intercellular matrix that could be extended to the human sphere.

Drawing connects me to unconscious processes that allow for the development of new ideas; a site for research, meditation, dissemination, and a lab for exploring the resonance of form. Layers of visual information materialize as traces of the process itself by generating random visual possibilities and increasing surface dynamics. The multilayered film is often unstable, and is left open to unpredictable possibilities. As a result, the subject is often erased by the buildup of material and the application of new mark making.

This process enables me to explore areas of perception outside my immediate experience, while conceptually expanding my connection to surrounding environmental issues. – Jorge Costa

Source: Painting — JORGE COSTA

Joyce Pensato – 1941-2019 – Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » RIP

1999, charcoal and pastel on paper
10 feet x 14 feet

Source: Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » RIP Joyce Pensato – 1941-2019

Minor Master or Master of the Minor? | Hyperallergic

Joe Brainard, “Untitled (Hard Body)” (1977), mixed media on paper, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

One reason Joe Brainard made so many small works was to convey that modesty and ambition were not mutually exclusive.

Source: Minor Master or Master of the Minor?

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma: Cats in Retro Future

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma “Night View with a Cat” (

Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma gives us somehow the sense of nostalgia. Let’s get into his cat’s world and find out why we feel this way.

Source: Cat Illustration by Makoto Sakuma: Cats in Retro Future

Cy Twombly’s Extravagant Synesthesia


Cy Twombly, “Untitled (Gaeta)” (1989), acrylic and tempera on paper mounted on wooden panel, 80 × 58 5/8 inches, Private Collection, © Cy Twombly Foundation. Courtesy Gagosian

Source: Cy Twombly’s Extravagant Synesthesia







“Jorge Costa’s intricate, miniature cultural icons executed with the draftsman-like quality of a Dürer, stud and embed  the overall painting with their graphite presence, conjuring alarm, delight, surprise, and shock, individually, and as composites within the larger pictures, living in the western world. A depiction of the Lincoln Memorial sports a satellite dish and Mickey Mouse ears; a gas mask or the Pope, might save us from oil fumes, chemical spillages and pollution, but from ourselves? What could enliven us to what western culture’s swill of vacant images, consumerism, and earth’s degradation did and does to each of us, to this artist,  in our daily lives? Costa’s work enlivens. It helps us look at the road ahead, the one we’re on, get back on the tightrope and inch ourselves eventually upright until we can see the bigger picture, the wreckage we cause. Oil is a major player in some of these pieces, that’s clear. But Costa paints and draws fragility into these slow motion spoofs of a world in collapse.”

Donna Fleischer

3quarksdaily: Embracing Dürer


Source: 3quarksdaily: Embracing Dürer

Art Movements


One of 25 landscape drawings recently reattributed to Thomas Gainsborough (courtesy Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2017)

Source: Art Movements