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Jonas Mekas – Screen Shot from On Luigi Porto from Mekas Diaries, Notes and Sketches

screen shot_Luigi Porto_Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas at A Longhouse Birdhouse

It’s all great but the video from which this screen shot derived is very beautiful with music, film, and poetry. – DF

Tarbox Ramblers – Ashes to Ashes

Peter Paul and Mary, Very Last Day

Poems by Sabine Miller | moongarlic E-zine, issue 3

the ground of this poem // grinding itself to dust


– Sabine Miller
moongarlic, issue 3
page 35

city drop off story by Katie Yates | Cowbird


other side of the drop off, husband who likes the city, proximity to culture, whereas I prefer a field, lack of complexity, no need to mow, to rope off the living room so the children won’t ruin the furniture, where a cup of tea is the even, a skein of yarn, a new loaf of bread kind of a morning, underscored wisdom, relentless blends of truth.

city drop off story by Katie Yates.