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Just You and Me, Pal – MUTTS Daily 

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For the Indigenous Haida community, ecoanxiety is nothing new

The landscape of Haida Gwaii has been profoundly shaped by commercial logging. Here, abandoned logging equipment is partially obscured by new growth. Photo by Flickr user popejon2, 2009.

Ecoanxiety about the Anthropocene is on the rise. But Indigenous communities have been facing the devastation of environmental change for centuries.

Source: For the Indigenous Haida community, ecoanxiety is nothing new

Interview With Extinction Rebellion – Feral Culture

Source: Interview With Extinction Rebellion – Feral Culture

International Extinction Rebellion



This is Our Declaration of International Non-Violent Rebellion Against the World’s Governments for Criminal Inaction on the Ecological Crisis.


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A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests – YouTube


Source: WATCH: REDD Alert For False Climate Solution in California |

William J. Barber II – 2018 MacArthur Foundation

Source: William J. Barber II – MacArthur Foundation