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Rojava at risk « immanence

The Rojava Emergency Committee is asking that U.S. citizens urge their congressional and Senate representatives, as well as Elliot Engel, incoming Democratic chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, not to withdraw from Rojava. Please do that if you care about the largest stateless nation in the world (which happens to be building what’s probably the largest experiment in anarcha-feminist radical eco-democracy history has seen).


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Source: Rojava at risk « immanence

Hunting for the ancient lost farms of North America | Ars Technica

Enlarge / At Ash Cave in Ohio, archaeologists discovered an enormous cache of seeds from lost crops, including domesticated native goosefoot (similar to quinoa). These seeds were so far from their wild habitats that they had clearly been domesticated.

2,000 years ago, people domesticated these plants. Now they’re wild weeds. What happened?

Source: Hunting for the ancient lost farms of North America | Ars Technica

Keystone Pipeline Leaks 210,000 Gallons of Oil in South Dakota – The New York Times

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Ms. McIntosh, the South Dakota environmental official, said that TransCanada employees and contractors were at the spill site and that soil cleanup workers were on the way. The state was overseeing the response.

Ms. McIntosh said that the leak was “a large release” of oil, but that “the location of this is not in a sensitive area.”

“They’ve got a response plan that they kicked in right away,” Ms. McIntosh said. “The area’s very rural, which is very positive. There’s no one nearby that is drinking any of the groundwater that may be impacted, so that’s less of an issue.”

Keystone Pipeline XL Spill – The New York Times

i.e.  The environment does not include the ecology. It does include primarily whatever is of use to capital interests and secondarily to what is exclusively human.  – DF

sleeve (無為 – daoism and inhabiting porosity – FOP (friends of the pleistocene)


inhabiting porosity | fop

This Is Life After Nature

HOMELESSNESS WITHOUT LEAVING HOME: The Australian droughts of the early 2000s inspired scholars to coin the term solastalgia to describe the distress of a changing environment.Wikimedia

Solastalgia is the definitive disease of the 21st century but only a few even know its name. The symptoms include an underlying sense…

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Biodiversity moves beyond counting species : Nature News & Comment

Common species such as this guineafowl pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) may have important functions in their ecosystems.

Ecologists are increasingly looking at how richness of traits — rather than number of species — helps set the health of ecosystems.

Source: Biodiversity moves beyond counting species : Nature News & Comment

ECOLOGY WITHOUT NATURE: You Can Pre-Order Humankind

You Can Pre-Order Humankind

If you’re in the USA, the UK or elsewhere I think you can do it on Amazon. I haven’t looked at other places yet.

Look at the nice blurb (that’s what the description is in fact called; an endorsement is in fact traditionally a puff!):

A radical call for solidarity between humans and non-humans

What is it that makes humans human? As science and technology challenge the boundaries between life and non-life, between organic and inorganic, this ancient question is more timely than ever. Acclaimed Object-Oriented philosopher Timothy Morton invites us to consider this philosophical issue as eminently political. It is in our relationship with non-humans that we decided the fate of our humanity. Becoming human, claims Morton, actually means creating a network of kindness and solidarity with non-human beings, in the name of a broader understanding of reality that both includes and overcomes the notion of species. Negotiating the politics of humanity is the first and crucial step to reclaim the upper scales of ecological coexistence, not to let Monsanto and cryogenically suspended billionaires to define them and own them.

Source: ECOLOGY WITHOUT NATURE: You Can Pre-Order Humankind