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its blue hue

which side

of blue
it had to drink daily which made it easy

eating the best

red grass, spear grass, love grass
blue from dark skin showing thru

If you travel to Uppsalla, Capetown or London you might glimpse one of the three remaining pairs of horns
A skull in Glasgow, one in Amsterdam
The four mounted specimens (Vienna, Stockholm, Paris, Leiden) show no sheen of blue



Aldabra Brush Warbler (confirmed extinct 1986)

“discovered” in 1967 described in 19682 lost in 1969
found in 19753

gone in 19834



Japanese River Otter (declared ex. 2012)

it ate
crab, shrimp, fish, watermelon and

sweet potatoes


Eleni Sikelianos
from How to Construct the Animal Globe

Source: DUSIE 17

D U S I E – The Ecopoethos Issue : Writing and Art, Marthe Reed, editor

D U S I E.