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Marcella Durand’s Apocalyptic Pastoral

Marcella Durand, The Prospect (image courtesy Delete Press)

Durand’s urban environment in The Prospect is a source not of solace but of anxiety.

Source: Marcella Durand’s Apocalyptic Pastoral

▶ CoquiWalk by ecopoetics

“A night walk on a road at the edge of the rainforest in Costa Rica (El Yunque), after a rain storm: coqui frogs, insects, water, humans. February 2009. Monaural recording.”

a.rawlings: Ecopoetic intersubjectivity | Jacket2

a.rawlings at Swartifoss, Iceland.

a.rawlings: Ecopoetic intersubjectivity | Jacket2.

Ecopoetic resurgence: Feral/interdisciplinary/bioregional | Jacket2

Ecopoetic resurgence: Feral/interdisciplinary/bioregional | Jacket2.

On 11.22.13, WHAT IS THE ROLE OF THE POET NOW THAT ALL LIFE ON EARTH IS THREATENED? : A Free Poetry Reading & Discussion with Audience / Poets House & Daniela Gioseffi of Eco-Poetry


11.22.13 Poets House Free Eco-Poetry Reading & Discussion with Audience

Brenda Iijima’s GOING BLOOMING FALLING BLOOMING from Delete Press

Brenda Iijima ».

Jonathan Skinner: Monarch Migration Plunges, Plant Milkweed / Life at Pugsley: Guest Blog

Life at Pugsley: Guest Blog: Monarch Migration Plunges, Plant Milkweed.

On Jonathan Skinner – The Original ‘Home Ec’ by Maria Hetman

The Original ‘Home Ec’ by Maria Hetman.

25 Points: The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral | HTMLGIANT

25 Points: The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral | HTMLGIANT.

#83: I LOVED EARTH YEARS AGO by CA Conrad / (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises

photo of Earth by THE AMAZING Zoe Strauss

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercises: #83: I LOVED EARTH YEARS AGO.