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“You Make the Culture” by Amy King | Academy of American Poets

You Make the Culture

Amy King

The words became librarians, custodians of people
I looked for on the bridge.
I forgot my own face.
I read the book backwards, and
I painted your name in lace
(I drink only the milk of script as beer).
I dislocate all gallery aesthetics,
I carry keys for Baltimore and
Go where no one is my name.
I wish I could sculpt a healing street
from a blanket of guns. The way the sun drops
behind a one-armed cop & we default
to believing in voices. This is the trough of sleep
we draw from. Even gravity works at night.
If I pull your speech on the carpet of impossibility,
will you speak this immediate need for movement?
The immediate need of not drowning in public?
I will walk with the sharks of our pigments
if that’s what inconclusive data requires,
until we leave rooms that hold us apart.
What you see as a small minority, I see
as closer to liberatory. Nothing comes from the center
that doesn’t break most everything in parts.
I break bread with the handwriting of words.
Nothing of appearance is always an illusion.
Lend me your book when you finish
writing it. I’ll be the first to fill in its spaces.

You Make the Culture by Amy King

a.rawlings: Ecopoetic intersubjectivity | Jacket2

a.rawlings at Swartifoss, Iceland.

a.rawlings: Ecopoetic intersubjectivity | Jacket2.

Good fucks – A review of Dodie Bellamy’s ‘Cunt Norton’ by MIA YOU| Jacket2

Good fucks | Jacket2.

Spiral Orb Ten

an experiment in permaculture poetics

Ten :: collaborative curation :: stone/scale/shift

                        children & shapeshifters

in search of stones, in search of other portals,

shift on the air as petals

salt from scale, from the muddy bottom.

En el cuerpo que cambia se revela

un monumento fuerte, sólido, consistente, pétreo.

            a girl curled stone-like on her side

holds Castor Pollux scales

back and forth between us

            remembering who we are to each other.

My heart fossilizes.

It sounds like paper made of stone

a fluid             bone, an organ composed of mouth

a mouth full of stones.



Spiral Orb is an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertextuality—a cross-pollination. This opening poem composts fragments from each of the pieces in Spiral Orb Ten. Standing also as the table of contents, each line is embedded with a hyperlink to its original piece. Once at each piece, you will find links to the other pieces in Spiral Orb Ten .

Spiral Orb Ten is a special issue, Collaborative Curation: Stone/Scale/Shift.

For past issues of Spiral Orb: archives

For more on Spiral Orb, see What Is.

Spiral Orb Ten.

Poems and Poetics: Reconfiguring Romanticism (43): Wordsworth & Coleridge on Poems as Experiments

Poems and Poetics: Reconfiguring Romanticism (43): Wordsworth & Coleridge on Poems as Experiments.