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Arundhati Roy: “We Need a Reckoning” on Vimeo

Sigmar Polke’s Photographic Unconscious | The Brooklyn Rail


Sigmar Polke, “Untitled,” c. 1975. Gelatin silver print 7 1/16 × 9 7/16˝. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Acquired through the generosity of Edgar WachenheimIII and Ronald S. Lauder. © 2014 Estate of Sigmar Polke/ Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

Brassaï later took up Valéry’s definition, writing on the uses of photography in Marcel Proust’s prose: “People do not see “real life” because they make no effort to illuminate it. And so their past is encumbered with countless snapshots, which remain useless because the intelligence has not developed them.”1

 Sigmar Polke’s Photographic Unconscious – The Brooklyn Rail.

Fukushima — beyond urgent / – Fukushima–beyond urgent.

David Guttenfelder氏 と HOSHI FAMILY

braving evacuation zone to save abandoned Fukushima animals

Translation to site: “Everyday we will post photos which we used for photo exhibitions. In Fukushima many people evacuated because of the nuclear power plant accident but many evacuees cannot go home and many animals starved to death because TEPCO covered up the case and restricted rescuing pets from the exclusion zone. The government rescued very few animals and they said they rescued them like they rescued all animals in the exclusion zone. In fact the government and Fukushima prefecture rescued only 500 animals. In a contrast several private rescue groups have tried but many animals are still left behind. The government does not allow volunteers and private groups enter the zone and they built large concrete and sand barricades. In addition they are trying to hide information. In order to rescue animals left behind please help support us.”

福島を忘れないために(HOSHI FAMILY)

 The poet and writer, Scott Watson, who lives in Sendai, wrote: “This dead dog is from Fukushima near the nukes. Nuke Dog, my tears for you.”