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A Revolutionary Act: Samantha Zighelboim – BOMB Magazine

It’s a revolutionary act, to experience and portray the fat body as something you can live in and sit inside without working toward another form. – Samantha Zighelboim

The poet on confronting societal limitations about the body, navigating the language of fatness, and celebrating friendships that embrace the joy of food.

Source: A Revolutionary Act: Samantha Zighelboim – BOMB Magazine

Roxane Gay Tells Us About Daring to Be Fat – VICE

Illustration by Lia Kantrowitz. Photo by Eva Blue/courtesy of Harper

Real talk about ‘Hunger,’ the author’s unsparing memoir about fatness, trauma, and the body.

Source: Roxane Gay Tells Us About Daring to Be Fat – VICE

Brenda Oelbaum / Self-Defined “Fat, Feminist, Activist Artist”

Fat Feminist Activist Artist\’s Blog