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#11 decembrance 2018 – Rough Ideas

A New Poet
Finding a new poet
is like finding a new wildflower
out in the woods. You don’t see

its name in the flower books, and
nobody you tell believes
in its odd color or the way

its leaves grow in splayed rows
down the whole length of the page. In fact
the very page smells of spilled

red wine and the mustiness of the sea
on a foggy day – the odor of truth
and of lying.

And the words are so familiar,
so strangely new, words
you almost wrote yourself, if only

in your dreams there had been a pencil
or a pen or even a paintbrush,
if only there had been a flower.

– Linda Pastan

Source: #11 decembrance 2018 – Rough Ideas

“Amnion” by Sabine Miller – is/let

by Sabine Miller

“Amnion,” mixed flower pulp and water on 9″ x 12″ watercolor paper, 2018.

from Poetry as Consciousness: Haiku Forests, Space of Mind, and an Ethics of Freedom by Richard Gilbert (Keibunsha Press, 2018). Order in English.

Source: “Amnion” by Sabine Miller – is/let

Vanilla beauty and the immortal Phoenix: exploring the poetry of Chu in China (article) – China – Poetry International


In my balcony, there’s a bird-dropping 
on the iron rails.
I will not clean it off
out of respect for flying creatures.
I will not clean it
I will even take it
for a flower
on rust.
—Yu Xiaozhong 余笑忠 (1965-)

Source: Vanilla beauty and the immortal Phoenix: exploring the poetry of Chu in China (article) – China – Poetry International

First Known When Lost: Blue

A flower unknown
To bird and butterfly, —
The sky of autumn.

Basho (translated by R. H. Blyth), in R. H. Blyth, Haiku, Volume 4: Autumn-Winter (Hokuseido Press 1952), page xxxii.

Source: First Known When Lost: Blue

Waka by Ono-no-komachi | Conversations with the Light

Japanese poem Waka by Ono-no-komachi (calligraphy by Mteisi) :

How invisibly 
it changes color in this world

the flower of the human heart.

Conversations with the Light.

James Taylor If I Keep My Heart Out of Sight

Today’s Haiku (February 1, 2015) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi)

絵の中に赤き花ある二月かな   中西夕紀

e no naka ni akaki hana aru nigatsu kana

            a red flower

            in the painting


                                                Yuki Nakanishi

Fay Aoyagi, translation

from “Haiku Dai-Saijiki” (“Comprehensive Haiku Saijiki”), Kadokawa Shoten, Tokyo, 2006

Today’s Haiku (February 1, 2015) | Blue Willow Haiku World (by Fay Aoyagi).

remembering; and with the aid of; ventilation; and production; the poem by Christian Hawkey | Academy of American Poets

remembering; and with the
aid of; ventilation; and
production; the poem

Christian Hawkey


must balance; this risk; a tablet; peak plasma; the first alphabet;
with the clinical need; finger-sized; it makes sense; the fingers;
were the first; to make sense; this risk; 31 letters; the flower-visiting
as opposed to; dung-feeding; the terminal phase; and the;
distribution phase; never; in my life; the relationship; logarithmic;
propriate or; propion; to make sense; this risk; and the;
as opposed to; had i imagined; that’s business; he was as soft as;
bill nodded; his neck trembling; a tablet; peak plasma; 31 letters;
throwing my body; the flower-visiting species; with the clinical need;
in front of; and with the aid of; that’s business; the distribution phase;
and the; on-coming; volunteers; reflected; in the moment of; the
the first alphabet; peak plasma; bill nodded; pooled analyses; in
my life;
this risk; the fingers; reappropriated; his neck trembling; numb

Ed Dorn, Ron Padgett, and Yu Jian at d i p p i n g b u t t e r f l i e s

Ed Dorn and Ron Padgett II

The horns of yellow
     on this plain resound
  and the twist on the air
of their brilliance
                       Say where
say where I will find
a love
        or an arabesque
of such rash fortune
            – ed dorn
When I was a child
my elders taught me
that there are 24 hours
in each day
But 24 hours is
afterward too
Is a springtime
The flower opened
I look similar to yesterday
Except that I am open
and my petals
are starting to fall
O excuse me!
For a moment
I thought
I was a flower
         – Ron Padgett and Yu Jian