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Ola Belle Reed – “Undone In Sorrow”


thanks to Chris Mansel over at The Daily Art Source

Ian and Sylvia – Greenwood Sidie-O

Pete Seeger – A hard rain’s a-gonna fall HD (alta calidad) – YouTube

Mandolin Orange – Boots of Spanish Leather (Bob Dylan Cover) – Audiotree Live – YouTube

Regina Carter – Kothbiro – YouTube

Buffy Sainte-Marie – Piney Wood Hills at Bluesfest 2011

Buffy Sainte-Marie. Say no more. Yet for my sake, I’m impelled to write of this musician, songwriter and singer who lives the songs she writes, coming through her, as they do, from her beloved earth home and Native American people. She is uncategorically one of America’s very best visionary artists, right up there with Woody Guthrie and Dylan in authenticity, righteous indignation and tenderness for existence. Give a listen to  Now That the Buffalo Are Gone, My Country ‘Tis of Thy People You’re Dying, Piney Wood Hills (a favorite) and I Wanna Be a Country Girl Again, just for beginners.   ~ yours truly, df

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