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A Story from Lacan’s Practice

What the human hand can do ~ a kindness remembered long after cruelty, part of the analysis itself, an act of humanity towards humanity.  Thank you to Gregory Laynor. ~ Donna Fleischer

“Gesture” by Archy Carroll

Roses left by an unknown someone at the Acland hut near Selworthy Beacon ~  to which the writer Archy Carroll joined a volume of Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust’s
À la recherche du temps perdu.

“Whenever I’ve visited the cemetery at San Michele in Venice I’ve seen a red rose at Stravinsky’s tomb. Dhiagilev always has a ballet shoe and there is a beautiful tomb of a Russian princess which also has a red rose. Is it one person who visits constantly I wonder? These days the process might be considered an art work?

I usually take a book on my morning walk and at the moment I’m reading Proust. There is a ‘wind and weather hut’ a thousand feet up where I can sit facing the sun, and this week someone had left the roses. So I took the photo.” (Archy Carroll, January 2011)