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[Idle elevators of grain…] by Ben Lerner / lyrikline [Autoren Details]

[Idle elevators of grain…]

Idle elevators of grain. Plenty of parking. Deciduous trees

of the genus Ulmus, known for their arching branches and serrate leaves

with asymmetrical bases, Gunplay in our houses of steak,

houses of pancakes. Dried valerian rhizomes. Bunk weed. Osage.

Deliberately elliptical poetic works reflect a fear of political commitment after


A fear of deliberately elliptical poetic works reflects…

Home considered as a System of substitutions: “Plenty of parking.

Deciduous elevators of the genus Gunplay,

known for their arching bases and serrate pancakes

with asymmetrical rhizomes.” The activation of the white space of the page

reflects a fear of the industrialization of print media.

To fear the activation of the white space of the page

is to fear poetry.

Idle elliptical commitment. Deciduous repetition. Plenty of parking.

© Ben Lerner

From: The Lichtberg Figures

Copper Canyon Press 2004

Audio production: Literaturwerkstatt Berlin 2011

lyrikline [Autoren Details].
discovered at Interferenzen