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dogwood, a haiga by a woodland rose

Awoodlandrose’s Blog

d  i  p  p  i  n  g   b  u  t t e r f l i e s: You call that poetry?

Melissa Allen’s one-word poem or visual poetry or vispo has yet another dimension, that of typography with an embedded sense of offset printing, showing in the continuum of screen values beginning with 20%, perhaps, and advancing to 100%, either reflecting a loss hinted at and growing into an emphatic solid house of doom within the soul, or the reversed overwhelming shock of it finally fading into grey, and probably all these in five minutes of a life; showing in the choice of a non-serif font, all lower case, an echo of a loss of serifs falling off, those capitals of passion diminished, a scale of diminution and the monumental both, each showing in the absence of the other, such complete presence. Finally, within the pictorial quality there is a sense of haiga and haiku interdependence. ~ DF

fledgling phoebe, a haiga by Merrill Gonzales

a Haiga by Merrill Gonzales

Haiga 710 Vincent Tripi haiku 2 / see haiku here

see haiku here: Haiga 710 Vincent Tripi haiku 2.

news, a one line haiga by marlene mountain

marlene mountain computer painting 2002

marlene mountain


The Heron’s Nest 2011 Readers’ Choices Illustration Award has been given for haiku and haiga poet Merrill Ann Gonzales’s rendering above of the Great Blue Herons in their mating dance (The Heron’s Nest). Congratulations to Merrill, a word pond favorite poet! ~ yours truly, df

Minimal Linked Haiga: Haiku by Cor van den Heuvel and Taneda Santoka. Artwork by Kuniharu Shimizu

Haiga 617 Linked haiga – minimal / see haiku here

Haiga 685 Ban’ya Natsuishi haiku 3 / see haiku here

Haiga 685 Ban’ya Natsuishi haiku 3

(woodsmoke), a haiga by Melissa Allen / Red Dragonfly



(woodsmoke) « Red Dragonfly.

Untitled, a haiga by Angie Werren / tinywords

today slips
into the room     hungry
on tiny paws

Angie Werren
from tinywords