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cattails, April 2021

eviction notice
in a sidewalk puddle . . .
a stray and its shadow


Chen-ou Liu, Canada

starlit night
in the winter hay
still some wind of June

sternenklare Nacht
im Winterheu
noch etwas Juniwind

Benno Schmidt, Germany

bereft among
a myriad of cosmic colors realizing too late
i should have loved myself unconditionally

Pamela A. Babusci, USA

The Street

Carmela Marino, Italy

a robin’s song
the part of the garden
always in the shade

Setting out to go to work, it is still dark outside, hands in my pocket, the mask on my face. The street begins to flow under my feet, the sky over my head, the smell of the leaves and of the night rain.

The starry sky covers all, even the garbage shines in a shimmer of frost. A sense of peace floats in me and this seems to slow down my walking.

bitter cold—
a piece of the moon
in the dirty water

A street lamp turns on and off on the odds and ends, arranged with great care by illegal sellers on dirty cloths on the sidewalk. One step further, in dim light, curved into himself, a tramp sits on a wall, with his companion, a bottle of beer.

Nothing escapes my gaze, I feel each instant of life around me.

the last star—
a stranger prays
to his God

At the pedestrian crossing I catch the eyes of a passerby smiling. What she is thinking? I begin to walk uphill: the blades of grass move together and at the whisper of my mantra under the mask: ”thanks thanks thanks” the screech of a seagull.

winter fog—
the breath of the world
joins mine

Source: cattails: a journal of the united haiku and tanka society

recommended: without syntax – is/let

without syntax by Lee Gurga (Modern Haiku Press, 2021)

Lee Gurga’s new collection of eighteen poems offers readers a beautifully choreographed dance of one-liners with poems that wiggle and hold their breaths down the pages. The collection’s quality and breadth of mood and subject matter easily outweighs a collection containing six times as many poems.

Source: recommended: without syntax – is/let

Alan Summers – Haiku Poet Interviews


Alan Summers (St Ives Cornwall)

Source: Alan Summers – Haiku Poet Interviews

Alan’s Haiku Journey – YouTube


Tom Clausen of Mann Library’s Daily Haiku by Haiku Poet • A podcast on Anchor

In this episode we interview Tom Clausen of Mann Library’s Daily Haiku.

Source: Tom Clausen of Mann Library’s Daily Haiku by Haiku Poet • A podcast on Anchor

Billie Wilson | WHA

foggy morning-
a blue heron lifts
into the rain


Billie Wilson
Haiku Harvest 2:1 (Spring 2001)


Source: Billie Wilson | WHA

俳句朗読 鎌倉佐弓/Haiku Reading: Sayumi Kamakura – YouTube

Daily Haiku: Nov. 28, 2020 | Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog


rolling up the mountain

yellow snapdragons


by Donna Fleischer (USA)

Modern Haiku, 35:1, 2004

Source: Daily Haiku: Nov. 28, 2020 | Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog

Don Baird – Haiku – the Interior and Exterior of Being by Don Baird – YouTube



Daoku is a modern brief verse form in three short lines that continues the essential aesthetics of the best of old Japanese objective hokku, adapted to a non-Japanese language context. . . .