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A Kiss On Both Cheeks | Burn The Water


a kiss on both cheeks

by the station photo booth

ten years of winter


Paul Conneally

Source: A Kiss On Both Cheeks | Burn The Water

HaikuWALL India on Vimeo

HAIKU BANDIT SOCIETY: Cities of Green Leaves Kukai 2011: Revisited

The rise of full moon –
the May darkness
of my mulberry tree

Eiko Yachimoto / Japan


a breeze –
on the water
sky appearing . . .
under purple irises

Keiko Yurugi / Japan


Source: HAIKU BANDIT SOCIETY: Cities of Green Leaves Kukai 2011: Revisited

Stephen Page: A Night of Poetry & Music, Part 1, at the Fundacion Ernesto Sabato, 29 Sept 2012. – YouTube

My Favorite Award-Winning Haiku from the 2016 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Haiku Invitational

Honourable Mentions

fallen petals –

the bride tip toes

across the aisle

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India

loneliness –

the scent of cherry blossoms

fills the silence

Marek Kozubek
Bangkok, Thailand


Sakura Awards

cherry blossoms

I lift the cover

off the birdcage

Carole MacRury

Point Roberts, Washington

Honourable Mentions

al fresco

in the curve of her spoon

a cherry blossom

Susan Mallernee
Dover, Ohio

transitioning . . .

she whispers her new name

to the cherry petals

Tanya McDonald
Woodinville, Washington

Honourable Mentions


in the tree

reading with blossoms

Zakariya Hasan, age 10
Vancouver, British Columbia

otata 13 (January 2017)

goes on into winter the smell of apples

fortsætter ind i vinteren lugten af æbler

those quick remarks to show you’re cool crow

de dér hurtige bemærkninger for at vise du er cool krage


– Johannes S. H. Bjerg

otata 13 (January 2017)

when silence – Leonard Cohen




and a deeper silence

when the crickets


– Leonard Cohen