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Cynthia Nixon Wants to Legalize It – The New York Times

“Not only are African-Americans the bedrock of the Democratic Party, but if you want progressive change, it means you want an increase in opportunity for everybody, and inequality affects communities of color first, and it affects them hardest. Wouldn’t that be the place where you start?” – Cynthia Nixon

owsfaces: Harlem’s Honorary Mayor, Queen Mother

owsfaces: Harlem’s Honorary Mayor, Queen Mother…


Dawoud Bey’s Harlem, USA / The Studio Museum in Harlem



Dawoud Bey’s Harlem, USA | The Studio Museum in Harlem.

Such cultural riches lost to gentrification, homogenization, i.e., empire land grab at home. ~ yours truly, df

Jacob Lawrence (1917 – 2000) / Art Babble

Jacob Lawrence, An Intimate Portrait