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Ecopoetic resurgence: Feral/interdisciplinary/bioregional | Jacket2

Ecopoetic resurgence: Feral/interdisciplinary/bioregional | Jacket2.



O Anti O Antiphons | The American Poetry Review


O Anti O Antiphons

O man-made machine who fakes man as Thing and Foresaker, the rope

           shipped around our neck  of the woods, Come to enslave us

            to our owned hours, O body become Bot.

O Smart Phone, who flames from the mouth if a screen, waiting in the

            pockets, lights in the  mall’s smallest darkness, Come, recognize

            our vices.

O keyboard O Facebook, and Social Media and WWW, whose ever-

           widening “Buyer!” has been  let loose and pawned the words:

           Come, and bring forth “Friend”, let us bow together  before your                    


O keyboard and clicker of the Digital Age, who can recognize my face

           from among the masses  and hunt me down and destroy me from

           any remote location: Come, come and watch  over us.

O biotech implant, over become lover, O biotech Virus of Neural

           Plaquing, how skull no longer  offers isolation.

O Predator Drone, O Hummingbird Drone, O Bee Drone Swarm how

            hovers: Come, and, let us  watch a man-made machine unmake a

            man unto forsaken thing, Come into the  classrooms of our youth

            and hear how we laugh.

O robotic nurse, who can sing, who can dance, who stands ready with

           outstretched metal rubber-  encased arms and movement-tracking

           tearless eyes before our bodily suffering she shall  not waver:

          Come and deliver into their beds our soft bodies, pliable babies, into your  arms,

          into your arms, into your arms, forever more

          and more…

O Anti O Antiphons | The American Poetry Review.

Heidi Lynn Staples / Things Between Themselves

Things Between Themselves
by Heidi Lynn Staples

…to have been things among things between themselves and all others who live…
…to travel widely beyond the seas…
…to arrive one half king, one half informer…
…to appear o how atrocious soever…

…to present all the disabilities…
…to demonstrate an investment in kin…
…to show an interest real or personal in this…
…to uncover such estates…

…to expose ourselves as foundlings, nursed, clad, and taught…
…to observe ourselves founded by experience…
…to perceive ourselves discovered where unfounded…
…to receive the legacy and the gift…

…to forsake reckoned heavy sorrow…
…to suffer the penalties and become…

Mississippi by Jen Bervin

Jen Bervin / Mississippi.

~ Thanks to Heidi Lynn Staples for sharing this.

Heidi Lynn Staples with pressing on publishing’s broadside of haiku by Donna Fleischer

Heidi Lynn Staples reads Donna Fleischer’s poem in Washington, D. C., at this year’s Association for Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) conference. Photograph by Amy King.

rail cars stacked with wood
slowly pass the living
I whisper to them, kaddish

Donna Fleischer

Broadside of haiku by Donna Fleischer / pressing on publishing / word pond




Broadside of haiku by Donna Fleischer / pressing on publishing

rail cars stacked with wood
slowly pass the living
I whisper to them, kaddish

Donna Fleischer

This broadside in the colors of spalted wood, of a haiku by Donna Fleischer, was created by “pressing on” publishing initiative, Heidi Lynn Staples, publisher. The text  and illustration ink were stamped into recycled plastic by Lily Brown on January 17, 2011, in Athens Georgia. (Photograph by Heidi Lynn Staples)

Most importantly this broadside is a remembrance as witness to the unprecedented loss of life and suffering caused by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The haiku was submitted by Donna Fleischer to Poets for Living Waters as part of a global poetry action response to the BP oil disaster on April 20, 2010 — “one of the most profound human-made ecological catastrophes in history”(Poets for Living Waters). Kaddish for the Earth. ~ yours truly, df

Heidi Lynn Staples at mildred\’s umbrella

Heidi Lynn Staples / Poets for Living Waters

“The co-founder and co-editor with Amy King of Poets for Living Waters, an international poetry response to the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Heidi has initiated a series of poetry readings in New Orleans; Houston; Seaside, FL; Tallahassee; Philadelphia; Brooklyn; Long Beach, California; Alaska; Paris, France; and Dublin, Ireland. This work is ongoing, with the first round of these readings taking place in honor of the 2010 UN World Ocean Day. [Above] is a clip of Heidi introducing one such reading at Sundog Books in Seaside, FL.” ~ excerpted from Heidi Lynn Staples



True, she didn’t want the thing
at first, so I titillated her, tickling
her cheek with                   the fat fake nipple,
running the                    dry teat across
her top lip till                    she opened up,
took a suck, gagged —

and sucked again, pacifier plugged
in her face like a dam shutting
off a river of cries, while a lake
of longing pooled up in her eyes
as she looked at my breasts
and sucked hard and fast
and into sleep, and I admit relief.

But later, when she came undone, all red-faced squall, I lifted my shirt, unclasped the bra, brought her close, breasts leaking lullabies to soothe in our shared dialect of milk, and she nibbled a bit, took my flesh in — then, spat me out, fly in the soup, spot of bad fruit, the pits. She screamed as I’d never seen her scream, wanted the new friend, that plastic fiend, which I brought her quickly, and she fell asleep.

How easily she gave me up, how emphatically
she prefers that contraption, their sound
rhythmic, incessant
like typing, not at all
unlike some queen
sucking seeds, or
the ticking of the
clock beside
the mother
wild with
what or
has she

Heidi Lynn Staples
esque issue1   oetry 2010

Poets Act on Oil Spill / Poets & Writers

Poets Act on Oil Spill | Poets & Writers.