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2018 Summer Writing Program

Source: 2018 Summer Writing Program

January by Hoa Nguyen


            January long light
            Janus     I see you
            God of locks and doorways
            two-faced looking in Capricorn
            Capricorn like the snowy owl
            We fear heavy body collisions

            January     time of doors
            time looking back on itself
                        God of gates

                        spelt and salt

They say when you
            walk through a door

            you can forget what
                        you came for

–Hoa Nguyen, VIOLET ENERGY INGOTS  (Wave Books, 2016)

X Poetics: Languell, Prevallet, and Levistky in New York

Kristen Prevallet and Hoa Nguyen

X Poetics: Languell, Prevallet, and Levistky in New York.

Petals — Women Poets at Longhouse


My  Twinkle, Twinkle is one petal among many published by Longhouse. The video that follows floats about half of these titles and includes the work of Lorine Niedecker, Patricia Smith, Leslie Scalapino, Hoa Nguyen, Ursula Le Guin, Janine Pommy Vega, Ce Rosenow, tsering wangpo, Sappho, Anne Waldman, Louise Landes Levi, and Joanne Kyger.  – Donna Fleischer

Half of the Women Poets at Longhouse

To Purchase “Twinkle, Twinkle” at Longhouse

Hoa Nguyen’s “As Long As Trees Last” :: Lemon Hound

Hoa Nguyen’s “As Long As Trees Last” | Lemon Hound.

The Problem by Hoa Nguyen, from What Have You / Longhouse Publishers


The problem with the lights and the
smell of apples          rotting sliced apples
I put into the lights
cleaning them out
in order to see better          not a good spot
for apples

I talked to the invasive tree
how to replace China Berry          Poison ivy
Running bamboo          humans          Literally
knocking it over          crack the big limb
how to restore          as in the children’s book
looking for the ordinary snortle pig
plants          animals and homes equally numbered

Peed in the backyard           long black skirt
to mark this mine
I talked to the tree          pee smell
for raccoons and possum natives

Death is the return to the mother
return to the wet place

Our local creek: Boggy
my fear of it          stagnant smell          trash
and rats          nesting lesser herons           rocks and
bottle tops

Water sample August 4, 2006
North Boggy Creek at Airport Blvd.
Nitrate 2.08                    BAD
Phosphate .07                     POOR

Sinking           reading of massive phyto-plankton
& algae bloom
Hypoxic zone          Gulf of Mexico dead zone
Sized larger than New Jersey

August Perseids seen
from the stoop

Hoa Nguyen
from What Have You
Longhouse 2008

Hoa Nguyen What Have You / Longhouse Publishers