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Róisín Murphy – Murphy’s Law (Cosmodelica Remix) (Live @ Home) – YouTube

How to Better Ventilate Your Home During the Pandemic – The Atlantic

Let me tell you about my fans.

Source: How to Better Ventilate Your Home During the Pandemic – The Atlantic

Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone (Audio) – YouTube

Beginning with high school, my anthem — word pond

Edward Gorey: 8 Elements of his Unique Cats Illustrations

A cat looking out the window (Pinterest)

My favorite journey is looking out the window.

If taking a journey is about acquiring different perspective about life, you can go on the journey in your home. According to Gorey, the world is full of dangers, he couldn’t understand why people ever want to climb the Mount Everest.

His behavioral psychology is unique. It somehow resembles cat behavior. They are the genius at finding something new every day in the same environment. His own imagination and creation could take him anywhere and surely do with his readers.


Source: Edward Gorey: 8 Elements of his Unique Cats Illustrations

Long Journey Home (2012) by Michael Gilbertson – YouTube

Buffy Sainte Marie – “I’m Going Home” – YouTube

The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison –

Toni Morrison at her home in Grand View-on-Hudson, N.Y. Credit Katy Grannan for The New York Times

The Radical Vision of Toni Morrison –

500 miles – Peter, Paul and Mary [Original Audio]

“The White Goose” a haibun by Donna Fleischer | Fiera Lingue

The White Goose


The white goose tilts its head to the side, casting a blue eye up
at the visitor. Orange beak very bright with sun and snow light.
Transfixed among calved ice slabs, it barely floats in the metal
trough, until just before sundown. As it rises, I follow.


How nimbly, the goose leaves its tiny glacier, waddles to a
heap of hay inside a nearby barn, softly honking, murmuring,
poking at the dry yellow straw of its very own bed.


palm leaf offering –

the child’s fist stays tight

all the way home


© Donna Fleischer
The White Goose | Fiera Lingue

John Berger /~ and our faces, my heart, brief as photos ~ (English Version) #208