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The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation


As I was interviewing the classicist, poet, and author Anne Carson in June, 2017 via e-mail about her new translation of The Bakkhai, the question-and-answer process felt like a consultation with the ancient Pythia. Much like an ancient Greek attempting to get an answer from the priestess of Apollo, I had to go through a few layers — book publicist and agent—and the answers I received back can best be described as intriguing and esoteric; they varied in length from a few words to a paragraph to no response at all. Every reply was also written in all lower case, including the first-person singular “i,” an idiosyncrasy that seemed almost playful, and is something I usually see in the prose or text messages of a student or a younger person. Like a Greek hearing those ambiguous missives given by the Pythia, I was repeatedly surprised by the puzzling, thought-provoking answers I received.

Source: The Anne Carson Interview | Quarterly Conversation

Poems and Poetics: Four Poems by Heriberto Yépez translated by Nathaniel Tarn (redux)


Heriberto Yepez



An untoward alliance

of words.

A prosti-code of our time

(an era which is scarcely maternal). 

An age pusillanimous or absurd 

What would Homer have said

had he seen this movie? 

Would he have been anguished by this rape? 

Or would he not even have been restored

by the very existence of Virgil?


– Heriberto Yepez

Poems and Poetics: Four Poems by Heriberto Yépez translated by Nathaniel Tarn (redux).