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The (Dis)Embodied Voice: A Response to Kenneth Goldsmith | Bluestockings Magazine

The (Dis)Embodied Voice: A Response to Kenneth Goldsmith | Bluestockings Magazine.

#83: I LOVED EARTH YEARS AGO by CA Conrad / (Soma)tic Poetry Exercises

photo of Earth by THE AMAZING Zoe Strauss

(Soma)tic Poetry Exercises: #83: I LOVED EARTH YEARS AGO.

Why I Love Homicide: Life on the Street / Telegraph

James Earl Jones and Andre Braugher (l to r)

Why I Love: Homicide: Life on the Street – Telegraph.

“A serialized drama series based on journalist David Simon’s nonfiction book about the Baltimore, Maryland, Police Department’s Homicide Division. Follows the relationships that develop in the unit while the detectives go through their investigations. Tim Bayliss, has been seasoned by investigations into some particularly brutal crimes. Meldrick Lewis is a hard-working detective with a dry sense of humor. Even drier is Detective John Munch, the squad cynic. Guiding the team is Lt. Al Giardello, who continuously struggles with bureaucratic pressure while supporting his detectives and driving them on. Detective Paul Falsone’s intuitive approach to closing murder cases shakes things up; Detective Stuart Gharty is a veteran cop determined to prove himself; and Detective Laura Ballard is a seasoned homicide detective from Seattle.” —  synopsis from the New York Times

Homicide was the first drama to win three prestigious Peabody Awards for best drama (1993, 1995, 1997). It was the predecessor of the better known The Wire, another outstanding series based on the same book, Homicide, A Year on the Killing Streets, by David Simon. In this writer’s opinion, Homicide, outdistances even The Wire. It possesses greatness on many levels: cinematography of Jean De Segonzac; music; the nonfiction book by David Simon; and ensemble cast members — particularly, consistently brilliant performances by Yaphet Kotto, as Lt. Giordello, Clark Johnson as Det. Meldrick Lewis, Richard Belzer as  Det. John Munch, Melissa Leo as Det. Sgt. Kay Howard, Kyle Secor as Det. Tim Bayliss, and Andre Braugher as an unforgettable Det. Frank Pembleton.  – Donna Fleischer