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VIK MUNIZ EPISTEMES Exhibition FEBRUARY 23 – APRIL 1, 2017 @ SikkemaJenkins&Company

Tears (2SS), Handmade, 2016
Mixed media
41 x 61 inches (104.1 x 154.9 cm), framed

” . . . What you expect to be a photo isn’t, and what you expect to be an object is a photographic image.” Extending this idea more broadly, Muniz adds, “In a time when everything’s reproducible, the difference between the artwork and its image is all but nonexistent.”

VIK MUNIZ EPISTEMES @ SikkemaJenkins&Company

“Food Water Shelter Poetry: art as species survival (r)evolution practice” by Eric Magrane |University of Arizona Poetry Center Newsletter

foodwatershelterpoetry.jpg 899×899 pixels.

The Rumpus Interview With Lidia Yuknavitch – The

The Rumpus Interview With Lidia Yuknavitch – The

The Function of Art No.1 / Burn the Water

The Function of Art No.1 – Paul Conneally 2013

The Function of Art No.1.

Scarecrow & skull

ancient machinery required. green skull harvest. – Scarecrow


Skull in Disguise by Stephan Balleux

Skull in Disguise by Stephan Balleux

Lumiere 2, by Diana Magallon / On Barcelona

On Barcelona: Diana Magallon.

bison stone, a haiku by Louis Osofsky, with Rubbing Stone, an image by Fritz Hoffman

image credit : Rubbing Stone by Fritz Hoffman, April 2012; Colville Indian Reservation, Washington

bison stone . . .

nothing but stars to scratch

my shadow

~ Louis Osofsky


“. . . the rubbing stone, the lower left granite boulder, was used by bison grazing the plains hundreds of years ago, this was the forerunning technology in back scratchers. bison rubbed against the stone to rid themselves of their heavy winter coats or to satisfy the itch of bug bites in the summer. due to repetitive use — over many generations, by many millions of bison — the boulder became polished and the ground around the boulder wore away under each successive bison’s hooves.”   ~ Louis Osofsky

Inverting Aura: Paintings by Gary Panter / artcritical

Gary Panter, Untitled (Robot). Acrylic on paper. Courtesy Fredericks & Freiser, New York

Inverting Aura: Paintings by Gary Panter / artcritical

dbqp: visualizing poetics: The Lens is an Eye

Geof Huth, “ueiso” (11 September 2011)