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Cecilia Vicuña – BOMB Magazine

Hilo Azul, 2016

The poet and artist invokes ancient matriarchal cultures, Indigenous folkways, and the speculative capacities of language so that we might rediscover our kinship with nature.

Source: Cecilia Vicuña – BOMB Magazine

A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests – YouTube


Source: WATCH: REDD Alert For False Climate Solution in California |

Jimmy Nelson Portrays The Disappearing Tribes Of The World |

All images © Jimmy Nelson | Via: designboom

Jimmy Nelson Portrays The Disappearing Tribes Of The World |


Zeitgeist Spam | A Depatriarchalization Unit in the Vice Ministry of Decolonization? In Bolivia, yes. I CANNOT even imagine any official even uttering those words in the USA. Which makes me say: my country is backwards and pathetic


Depatriarchalization Unit Vice Ministry of Decolonization? In Bolivia | Zeitgeist Spam

A presentation of the Black Feather Poets’ visit to Barrow, Alaska as part of their Reasons to Live Campaign : More to Learn

Thanks to poet , publisher, and editor Seedy Johnson for sharing this remarkable video.

Permaculture Punks of Mexico City

A hearty shout out to Justin Addeo. I stand with the Mayans, the earth, the indigenous, these brave permaculture punks of  Mexico City.